Play Space & Equipment

I’ve been on the BDSM fetish scene for 28 years and can remember a time when there was not internet or mobile phones. Just a house phone!

Even thought I have not been a dominatrix, pro domme, London mistress, over those years I have accumulated a lot of equipment...'the tools of the trade'! My playroom it a little more intimate (and quirky) than most. Whilst it’s not a formal dungeon, it does have all the basics that I think are needed and it has a hell of a lot of sexy charm.

I'm there nearly every day, so that means I may be able to do a session, within a couple of hours of that all important telephone call. Try me. It’s the only way I can work, as I feel in total control and It makes me very comfortable.

I’m located on a busy street and I also conduct my Mistress Workshop from the same premises, so comings and goings are not a problem.

Currently I have plans to invest in a few small items that I think would enhance some forms of play. However, if anyone wants to buy me a Venus 2000 I’m sure we can work out some sort of a deal with regard to sessions.

Gynaecological bench, Hanging body bag, Whipping bench, Extensive Electrics, Suspension. Plus all the other regular BDSM items.

What I have no shortage of is - outfits! I can accommodate most ‘role play’ scenarios. This is one area where this Mistress stands out from the crowd. If you want me to wear something special, you must say at the time of booking the session.

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Miss Kim x

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