Queen Bee Society Drinks

The next Queen Bee Society drinks are on March 6th, May 8th, Sept 11th and Dec 4th 2020.

Again, I will have some tiny little queen bee charms, to give to all the ladies. Plus a another gorgeous charm for those that already have the queen bee charm.

Queen Bee Society

Success is the Queen Bee Society drinks.

Queen Bee Society drinks is gathering for strong, powerful ladies. It's an opportunity to meet up with other dominants, queen bees, goddesses, entrepreneurs, leaders and get to know each other better.

Queen Bee Society Drinks

We meet in the public bar in the Shoreditch Courthouse Hotel, 335-337 Old St, London EC1V 9LL, in the Jailhouse Bar. It has a huge lounge area and private, secluded cells (literally). The bar is in the former Police Station of the Old Street Magistrate’s Court,  historically significant architecture, including former prison holding cells.

Queen Bee Society Drinks
Queen Bee Society Drinks

Named the Queen Bee Society because you are one!

We were feature in Darkside magazine. I also grace the cover of this edition!

Queen Bee Society New Year Drinks
Queen Bee Society Drinks

Important: be sure to pick up your QBS 'gold card' from Miss Kim. Don't forget to bring it to each event, as there will be a ladies group shot for all your social media.

We are all meeting to enjoy each others company, get, dressed up, have a drink and feel the powerful energy in the room.

Please do not ask for the Queen Bee Society drinks...they have no idea who we are!

Just look for the most glamorous ladies in the room...or me, I have pink hair.

No men inc. TV's. DON’T bring your slave(s).

(Dedicated to the memory of Mistress Dometria)

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