Oxy Shop Haul

Just received my very first Oxy Shop haul. I say first, because I will definitely order more from them.

Great products, service, informative, speedy delivery and most important - very inexpensive items. Free postage too!

Amazing website packed full of BDSM toys of all kinds. I decided to update my ball stretching and restricting devices.

Oxy Shop Haul
Oxy Shop Haul

Weights are a particular favourite of mine, so I had to have this gorgeous ball stretcher. I have my own weights, the ones I got from the fishing tackle shop. Beautiful and shiny in stainless steel, it's sold with an Allen key, all in a velvet bag.

As a London mistress I feel it's very important to invest in your craft.

Oxy Shop Haul
Oxy Shop Haul - Ball 'weight' stretcher

My Oxy Shop Haul is in total five items.

Second on the list is an amazing ball stretching device. It's a little bit fiddly to put on but once in place you can turn the screws bit-by-bit, for maximum effect and stretch. The space that is created in between is perfect for pinwheeling, or candle wax, or and ice cube (in a condom) etc. As well as the ball themselves , of course! Called the Squeezer by Oxy, this one was recommended to me by the owner of the company. It was also my slaves favourite.

Oxy Shop Haul
Oxy Shop Haul - Squeezer by Oxy
Oxy Shop Haul
Oxy Shop Haul - Squeezer by Oxy

Strangely I didn't have a Humbler, so took this opportunity to purchase one. Haven't used it yet, but it's very good quality. I've used one in the past.

Oxy Shop Haul
Oxy Shop Haul - Humbler

Locking spiked ball stretcher grabbed my attention as it had a padlock and ball splitter. I've also found that on larger cocks, it can use it on the end of the penis. The screw-in spikes are very effective.

Oxy Shop Haul
Oxy Shop Haul - Locking Spike Ball Stretcher
Oxy Shop Haul - Locking Spike Ball Stretcher on the penis

Lastly, I got the cutest little acrylic box for chastity key emergencies! Just purchased one of those remote controlled locks (Bluetooth) for this. Just a quick call to Mistress and the lock will open. So long as there is a really good excuse for that to happen!

Bluetooth lock
Bluetooth Lock

As I write this, I'm already looking at other things I want to buy for my next Oxy Shop haul.

Their site is very seductive...beware!

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