Britannia Rules The Slaves

It was once said that the sun never set on the British Empire. Known throughout the world, this country proudly announced it's supremacy to the world. Now the factories have moved away and lots of industries are in decline - thanks China!

Britannia Rules The Slaves!

Times have changed and you could be forgiven that Britain no longer dominates in any field. However, I think that this is not the case. I would proffer that there is one area in which Britain still dominates…domination and kink. To be more specific, Britain has one of the most active and prolific domination and fetish sub-cultures in the world, with London at it’s epicentre.

There are lots of Mistresses who have turned their hands to club promotion; Madam Karamel run Club Black Whip, Miss Kitty Bliss runs Sanctum, Goddess Cleo runs DV8 and Mistress Absolute runs Subversion. However, I have done it the other way around, so after 22 years as a fetish club promoter, have have turned Pro Domme. A seamless transition I feel, as Club RUB caters to people who have a more complex approach to sexuality that the average citizen.

As a dominatrix, pro domme, London mistress, bdsm educator, fetish club promoter, stylist, MUA and Blogger I know this!

It is important to note that, having not been a Professional Dominatrix previously, doesn't mean that I know very little! On the contrary, I 'maided' for two very esteemed Mistresses; Mistress Vanessa and Mistress Severity (the original). The former and I have been running Dungeon Parties with for 14 years. Mistress Vanessa and I still operate our parties together and they are bi-monthly. So getting intimate with strangers is not something I am new too! Saying that we have half a dozen clients who have been coming the entire 14 years. I don't remember any other 'dungeon' parties when we started. I feel we are the originators of this type of event.

Slaves have come and gone but they have always been around me over the last 28 years. Play partners, lovers and boyfriends too. My Mistress Workshop is in it's fifth year and you can't teach that without knowing a few things.

I believe we have, not only the best fetish clubs in the world, but some of the most amazing Mistresses too. London in particular has a huge variety of clubs and pro dommes that cater to all fetishists. Some clubs such as Torture Garden, my have changed their MO (modus operandi) but they have history and that was fetish. Now they have almost become household name, not a 'secret of the scene'. Nothing is a secret now there is the internet!

World class we are and world leaders we still are too!

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