Maîtresse Film (1975)

As a dominatrix, pro domme, London mistress I watched many BDSM films but this is my favourite.

Synopsis - Maîtresse

The film Maîtresse is about an opportunist thief (Gerard Depardieu) who breaks into the house of a professional dominatrix (Ogier), once caught he finds himself helping her ‘entertain’ her clients. He is intrigued, and starts falling in love with her. She runs a very successful business as a dominatrix but the two are strongly attracted to each other and he soon moves in. As love grows her profession starts to pose problems which both of them find harder and harder to reconcile.

I love the scene is her chambers were she handcuffs the two burglars, then uses one of them (Gerard) in a BDSM scene. It’s very explicit. The first images is a foot worship, a guy licking her boots and sucking the heels. Then she gets him (Gerard) to piss of the face of her submissive client. Although you can’t see it, the sub sucks him off too.

Great dialogue:

He asks what she does.

“questions are wasted on me. I either lie or I don’t answer”.

The scene at the chateaux reminded me of past situations I have been in. Oh la la! A naked gal is strapped to a chair and she instructs him to belt her. It’s all very real. The marks on her bottom are not make up. The ‘naughty girl’ has a very hairy pussy too. They have strategically put her at such an angle, that you only get a glimpse.

‘Mistress’ has a extreme look, applying lots of eye make up and red lips, then she adds a bob-cut wig. Reminiscent of some 80’s pop singers or Cleopatra. Long red nails. She wears a leather catsuits , opera-length rubber-gloves and leather corsets. Her ‘maid’ or otherwise known as the receptionist, is very stern looking.

Cut to the dungeon scene…rubber zip-mouth hood, a guy naked on the rack and her submissive moaning. He’s strapped down.

Later in the film he asks, Are you exhausted?

“No, it’s exciting getting into peoples passions so intimately.” 

He asks, Does it give you pleasure?

“I couldn’t do it if I didn’t like it”.

He asks, Do you ever make love to them.

“No! Some things don’t mix! I just direct the show.” 

He asks, Strange isn’t it? Do they tell you what top say?

“They tell me what they want. I use my own imagination to improve on it. I get into their fantasies, their lives.”

Cut to another scene…three submissives in her chambers, classical ‘monastery’ music playing, as she rides the one wearing a saddle, another is hanging from the ceiling in a leather cage. The last one has a hood on, stood up and facing the wall but shackled to it, in a St. Andrews cross shape. She precedes to whip him, in a very hap-hazard style. She uses a crop and a whip with three vipers tongues. Finishing him off with prodding is bottom and balls with what looks like a cane. Again the marks are real. The last guy she releases to the floor and makes him wriggle, whilst calling him a dog,

Cut to another scene…a TV maid puts on her the opera length black rubber cape before she enters a room with a dentist chair. A man in a leather hood is restrained. Something you can’t fake, not even for a film…is when, she is picking six needles from a wallet, and then pushes them into his cock, hammering them onto a piece of wood, in-between his legs. He flinched, but sighs like he needed the pain. then she pushes two needles though his nipples, one in each. Again,you see her doing this for real.

Gerard is young and handsome with meaty bum and thighs. I wonder how many films he had done up to this stage? His acting, in parts, is naive but in others in endearing. She is a more accomplished actress but then, she is playing a stronger part. It’s very dated but stands on it’s own. There really has been nothing like this since. We have Preaching Too The Perverted but in the great British tradition of, anything being too sexy…we make a joke of it.

I watched it 20 years ago. It’s better than I remembered. I would give it a 9.5 out of 10 and that’s not because it’s perfect, but because it’s perfectly not right!

More information about the film:îtresse

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