Blessed And Grateful

I'm not just a Mistress, pro domme, dominatrix, domme living and working in London, I'm a friend, daughter, member of the community and so much more.

Not a day goes past when I don't give thanks for what I have; good health, positivity, financial security, beautiful homes, great jobs, lovely caring family, generous friends, respect, and the list goes on. I'm truly blessed and grateful.

Every night before I go to sleep I recount the best thing that has happened that day and I say how grateful I am for it. It's a good way to go to sleep.

It's not just enough to say how thankful you are that something has happened, but you have to realise how blessed you are, to be alive. A positive mental attitude will help. Be in the moment.

We are all energy and what I say you are, will be what you get. This year I have proved this to be true (to myself) as I have changed certain aspects of my life.

I will often have Oprah Winfrey's Super Soul Sunday shows on YouTube I have them on in the background whilst I'm home or working on my computer. They have give me so many insights and conformations of my own beliefs.

I'm getting spiritual in my old age (not religious). I am worth my own time, energy and attention.

Morning routine:

  • Stretch.
  • Bathroom duties.
  • Read from A Course In Miracles.
  • Make my organic jumbo porridge oats with water, add fruit and coconut oil.
  • Write my 'To Do' list.
  • Say 'out loud' everything I'm grateful for.
  • Choose and outfit for the day.

I've treated myself to lots of holidays and trips this year; Edinburgh twice, Skegness three times, Manchester once, my home in Spain during April, June and July. France in Feb and August. A great trip to the Florida Fetish Factory week in May.

I still have another holiday planned to Spain (on my own now, as my friend Nicci Tristan died), then the country-house hotel weekend, finishing with a week in Cork at Christmas.

It's not all about holidays! My spiritual growth has been immense, and that is the most important thing. Blessed and grateful.

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Miss Kim x

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