Chateaux Demask

Lucky to get invited to some wonderful parties all over the world, and Chateaux Demask is no exception.

I'm such a lucky Mistress, domme, dominatrix, pro domme to be invited to such amazing places like Chateaux Demask! Because I have been around so long, I know lots of people from all over the world, which means I  get invited to some wonderful parties. Many in the UK but also Europe and the United States too. It’s aways a delight as you never know who you will find there, and what antics you will get up too.

I've recently had the privilege of spending a week in the beautiful home of Steve English, the founder and previous own of Demask Clothing (Amsterdam), one of the largest rubber companies in Europe.

The name Chateaux Demask came as he used to own Demask Clothing.

It’s his home but it’s also a beautiful French chateaux, in acres and acres of manicured land. With a few trees that are five hundred years old. Chateaux Demask has been on the map in Saint Gerard Du Puy for hundreds of years. This can be seen by stepping into the cellars. The resting place of Steve’s stash of vintage wines. He's also a lover of animals and has quite a collection of those too. Four cats, two Jack Russel dogs; Blondie and Stanley Baxter. Not to mention the chickens, cockerel, turkey, four oriental ducks and two sets of love birds. It goes with out saying, that Steve is a rubberist and has quite a collection.

To say Steve is eccentric is an understatement! Having lived in Holland for 25 years and France now eight years, he is no closer to speaking either language. However, he gets by perfectly well.

Chateaux Demask was run down when her got it.

It’s been a labour of love the last eight years turn the dilapidated Chateaux Demask into something very special. You really need to see it to appreciate just it. It sleeps 22. More if you use the dining room, as it’s not needed during the summer months. We always dine al fresco at the summer rubber-fetish weekend-party.

The spit roast comes out and a pig is cooked up. The fire pits are lit and we enjoy our rubber night under the stars. Some wear hoods, corsets, heels but most are wearing latex.

I travelled to France with Tony and Paula the owners of Ess & Emm B&B dungeon, in their car. This allows us to take a lot more that what you'd get in a Ryanair carry-on.

The new owners of Demask Clothing always come. Louva used to be an amazing model back in the day. Still a beautiful woman and looks amazing in rubber. I remarked how much I loved her rubber top, so she took it off and gave it to me. I love it. Photo to follow shortly.

Who else was there this year; Nich Overand whom I have known for 27 years, the sexy bikers Etienne and Monique from Belgium, Maggy who lives near Amsterdam and is elegance itself. Tim and Lyn our Aussie rubberists, who are looking to move to France.

In past years I have partied with Tim Woodward, of Skin Two fame, Simona AKA Miss Velour, Belgium, dominatrix Madieanne and her partner Erik.

I took a trip to Vichy Frances Spa Town with Tim and Lyn for the day. We watched the tea dancing in the 'mineral water' pavilion, took a long walk down by the river Allier and went into the oldest confectioners in France, complete with original shop fittings.

It's an annual pilgrimage that I really look forward to. Thank you Steve English. You're a legend.

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