Dominant Merry Christmas

Wishing you a Dominant Merry Christmas.

Unless you are a slave or submissive, of course, then I wish you, not a Dominant Merry Christmas, but a submissive one! When I think back over 2017 I'm filled with joy, amazement and delight.

Joyful as I have such great family and friends. Amazed that I have come so far as a pro domme, dominatrix, fem dom, mistress in the last nine months. I launched my website in April and although it took quiet a few months to refine it, it's basically done. With 49 blogs written I feel quite accomplished also. No one could accuse me of being one dimensional as I have posts on; films, the theatre, events, domination, photography, stories, attire, trips, first aid and feeling blessed, to name but a few.

Delighted also that I have built up a small following of regular clients. This grows weekly and gives me nothing but delight. Each visitor brings something new and interesting to my BDSM life.

A dominant Merry Christmas to my slaves.

Thanks to my slave Ben for an excellent website build and for the expert driving skills for the various adventures we have had.

What would a mistress do without her cleaner? Colin is ready and eager each time I need him. Be it my home or helping out at the dungeon parties.

bondage santa

bondage santa

Festive good wishes and a dominant Merry Christmas to my Mistress friends.

Especially the ones who I have worked closely with this year who are; Mistress Silk, Mistress Amber Leigh, Mistress Inka, Mistress Buffy Brown and Miss Kitty Domme.

Looking forward to the Secret Scottish party week I'm organising with Mistress Inka, towards the end of Feb 2018. If you are interested in a long weekend of debauchery in a historic Scottish mansion, only an hour south of Edinburgh from 25th to 29th, then call or email me.

Wishing all my 2017 Mistress Workshop ladies, a dominant Merry Christmas.

Not forgetting all of the other ladies over the past six years, as there have been hundreds.

Lastly dominatrix, mistresses, pro dommes of the world, have a wonderful dominant Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy, safe and prosperous 2018. You are all super stars.

Super domme

Super domme

Lots of people facilitate pro domme to have a successful career and I would like to wish a dominant Merry Christmas to all the websites that list us, to the equipment makers, clothing and footwear designers and those that make us beautiful and fit.

Always the last to be mentioned, the subs, slaves, sissies, TV's and sluts, this dominant would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas.

Dominant Merry Christmas 1

Dominant Merry Christmas 1

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Miss Kim x



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