Unique Professional Domme

We are all unique...there is only one of us! However, there are a few of us who fall into this category - unique professional domme.

Ten things that makes Miss Kim Rub a unique professional domme.

  1. Self Care - mind body and soul. 

Exercise is part of my daily routine. Whilst I don’t take to the gym, I do power walk about 10K steps a day. Dancing in the form of Ceroc and I have been know to get the bicycle out. I’m not a vegetarian but my diet is 80% plant based, with a little fish, eggs and pork. Beef and lamb for the occasional Sunday roast. I don’t drink. However, I occasionally I will have a celebratory sherry but not too much. I don’t smoke or do drugs. My body may take a fair bit of care and maintenance but the mind just gets sharper and sharper, becoming more and more curiouser, as the years march on. I'm well travelled, lucid and kind.

Then’s there’s the best bit of all…the realisation of who I am. My inner spiritual force is, not only guiding me through life, but enhancing it. Love reading books like The Power Of Vulnerability by Brene Brown. The Chimp Paradox by Steven.

Love, love, love Podcasts; Oprah Winfrey's Super Soul Sunday, Happiness Project and Tony Robbins etc.

Unique Professional Domme

Unique Professional Domme

  1. Competition. 

Whilst not wanting to give my age away, I know I fall into the bracket of ‘very few’, that are a professional dominatrices. I no longer have to look to see what my peers are doing, as I’m in a category all of my own. Especially a unique professional domme! I’m saved from having to think about age, size, beauty and material things…in connection with others. I have, or have had, all those things. My most prized possession, is a positive mental attitude, and a love for myself. Something I wish for everyone.

Rare amongst women - I’m Unique Professional Domme.

  1. Know it all.

One of the things I say in my Mistress Workshop is ‘you will never know it all’, you will constantly learn. What a wonderfully complex subject BDSM is. However, I am already rich with this knowledge.  I have such a long history on the scene and I have learnt a LOT along the way.  I consider one of the most important aspect of BDSM is, doing a good job. I like to work out the psychology of my clients’ wants, needs and desires. I love getting into their heads and realising their fantasies.

  1. Over 50

Blowing my own trumpet - there are just not many of us unique professional dommes, that are still looking good and have the drive to be a professional business woman. I treat it as a full-time job. There is a lot to do, to be good in this profession. Phones don’t ring on there own! Also effort is need to take care of yourself, but none more so than when you're older. I’m a 100% natural. No fillers, Botox, breast augmentation, facial or body surgery, veneers…just 100% self care. Oh, and good genes…thanks mother!

Unique Professional Domme

Unique Professional Domme

  1. Club Promoter

This has placed me in a unique position, because I have seen it all before. When I started my monthly fetish event 23 years ago, there were no computers, mobile phones and digital cameras. Club RUB ran for 264 consecutive mostly fetish club events.  At all of those there was a play space with dungeon equipment. Over the years, lots of play scenarios. Being so prominent on the scene I got invited to many private play parties in the home counties, UK and places like France and Belgium. I saw and took part in many scenarios.

Rubber Cult is my tri-annual event and latex a real passion of mine. This is perfect as I have lots of rubber equipment and love latex BDSM play. 

I’m history - literally. This is what makes me the most Unique Professional Domme.

  1. Educator. 

Over the  last six years, I have had a Mistress Workshop most months, in London E2. However, I’ve done my mini workshops at London Fetish Fair, Mach2 and Pedestal. Teaching BDSM to ladies is my passion. Another of my workshops is Latex Workshop…kinda makes sense really! I also have a Wax Play, Impact Play and Anal & Pegging Workshops So guess what I like doing!?

  1. Giving Back.

Five years plus is how long I've been running the Free Fetish Speed Dating. For many years I would do a free mid-week mini Club Rub, just to give a little bit back to the community. Now I’m doing a ‘free’ ladies drinks-gathering called the Queen Bee Society, in Shoreditch, open to all strong powerful woman.  I’m kind, and I look out for other ladies (and guys).

  1. Style, Taste & Class

Been good at applying make up all my life and putting a great look together. It’s no surprise that the Club Rub monthly events were based on outfit themes…a chance for me to dress up. LOL Check out my Pinterest boards if you are going to a themed party and want inspiration.  I was the stylist on the Tanya Hyde porn movies for many years. I’ve art directed, and styled many of the Club RUB flyers too. Of course, knowing how to put hair, make-up and an outfit together is one thing…class is another. I like to conduct myself like a lady.

A Unique Professional Domme with MUA skills.

  1. Eccentric. 

Could it be the pink hair? Or my vast wig/hood/latex collections? The quirky clothes? I’m a huge hat lover too. Or the very stylish home in London, with it’s Moroccan-Esque sitting room, hall & stairs that double as a gallery, tented play-space and the leafy roof-terrace with seating area. Not forgetting my bizarre and eclectic set of friends.

Unique Professional Domme

Unique Professional Domme

  1. Fetishist

Not a kinkster. I’m a real fetishist. Not just a Mistress but a fetishist. I certainly am not just domming for the money. I started to become a fetishists 29 years ago when I went to my first fetish club - Submission. It was love at first sight, for all things fetishistic - shiny, tight, leathery, high, laced, fierce! I’m one of a dying breed. A proper fetishist. If you are one too? Book a session and let’s get old school together.

Unique Professional Domme

Unique Professional Domme

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