Darling Mistress Dometria R.I.P.

So, so very sad at the loss of my darling Mistress Dometria R.I.P.

Darling Mistress Dometria R.I.P. (Koula) died on the morning of Friday, August 3rd 2018. One of her very good Brighton friends called me whilst I was on holiday in France at Chateaux Demask. It didn't surprise me when I saw his name come up on my phone, as I've know him 24 years.

The shock when he said my darling Mistress Dometria R.I.P. had died, was like a bullet to my heart.

We hadn't know each other long but bonded instantly. I wrote this Blog within a couple of days of meeting her. She called me her wifey and I called her my Queen Bee Boss Lady. Quiet a few people passed comments about our growing friendship, as we were very affectionate and complimentary on social media. I loved her demonstrative ways. You knew how she felt. She was a passionate woman. I needed that.

Darling Mistress Dometria R.I.P.

Interestingly I was only thinking about her on Monday July 31st, as I knew she had organised the funeral of her children's father. I thought, 'why do I like her so much'? I came to the conclusion, the reason was, she was one of the only women I looked up too. A star in my eyes. One of lives extreme people and I admire that. I love people who dare to be different and have passion running through their veins.

Less than 12 hours before her death, she called me in France and we were talking about the Fem Domme party we were planning to do in the Midlands, in January 2019. She said, "Let's do it Kim, I really want to do something with you..."

Darling Mistress Dometria R.I.P.

Darling Mistress Dometria R.I.P.

Sobering thought - I will never forget how, just prior to the Queen Bee Society drinks on July 27th, she stopped me in my tracks and told me how beautiful, and amazing I was. I thanked her sincerely. I listened. I get told lovely things all the time, but this time it meant more to me. It was heartfelt. When I arrived at her room at the Shoreditch Courthouse Hotel she gave me these beautiful gold queen bee earrings. I will treasure them.

Darling Mistress Dometria R.I.P.

Darling Mistress Dometria R.I.P.

Amazing stories about her life, had me captured every time, like a little kid. My Darling Mistress Dometria R.I.P. knew how to spin a yarn.

I don’t know what I’ll do without my daily messages from my dear friend. My life has changed. I had no idea it would be such a short ride but having only met her recently. I thought our friendship would grow and grow. Her heart shopped and it stopped mine. My heart goes out to your family.

Missing my friend, my Greek goddess, my shining star and my one-in-a-million sister. The most loving, generous and fabulously intense person I have ever met.

Sleep my friend, gone but will never be for gotten by me.  I love you Koula.

Thanks to Phil PKK Photography for the amazing set of photos. Taken one week before her death.

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