Devoted Slave Winner

This years Devoted Slave Winner of the very impressive trophy, is Lolly Puppy or as he is known on Twitter @KimsNylonSlave.

Devoted Slave Winner

Devoted Slave Winner

This is the first year I have decided to give a trophy for the most Devoted Slave Winner.

There are many reasons for this;

  • He's my most devoted slave.
  • Very regular sessions. Four hours.
  • Generous gift giver. Especially Birthdays and Christmas.
  • Very respectful.
  • Holiday companion, on one occasion this year.
  • Owned. Contact signed in blood. Penis blood.
Devoted Slave Winner

Devoted Slave Winner

Devoted Slave Winner

Devoted Slave Winner

I have to give thanks at this time of the year, for my other boys, who are equally Devoted Slave Winners.

He started off very timid and has progressed to such an amazing level. He can take a huge amount of pain and degradation! Of course he screams the house down, but I don't mind that!!!

Slave B** took me to Scotland this year and built me my site. He has accompanied me to a few 5* parties too. He's a good boy.

My boys who live overseas, you know who you are ❤️❤️❤️

Devoted cleaner Slave C**** who has been with me for a few years now. Always does a good job at Spring cleaning and Autumn pack away too. Thank you.

A Mistress is nothing without her regulars and I'm always excited to see their names pop up on my phone.

You all deserve to be Devoted Slave Winners.

Got to have a DIY slave, and mine is coming to Spain with me early in the New Year to build decking and a gazebo from my patio. Treats coming to Slave F***

Handy for my Workshop demonstration is another dear fellow - Slave B****, who always enjoys the CP that I teach.

Needles are another workshop favourite and thankfully I have an eager Slave T*** for that job. He's a lovely chap.

Others; a hairdresser benefactor, chauffeurs, a shopping slave who loves to treat me to perfume and others too numerous to mention.

So you can see I had plenty to choose from, however Lolly Puppy AKA @KimNylonSlave is also a great conversationalist. I have a draw full of tights too!

Devoted Slave Winner

Devoted Slave Winner

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