London Role Play Mistress

London Role Play Mistress is one of the areas of BDSM that I love.

Therefore, my top fantasy BDSM and fetish London Role Play Mistress scenarios are many but probably one of the most popular is:

Doctor or Nurse who interacts with the patient in an erotic medical examination. This could involve internal and external examinations. Many many procedures which I love from penis inspection, anal stretching, urethral sounding, enemas, needles, catheters, electrical procedures etc.

London Role Play Mistress

London Role Play Mistress love latex

Latex London role play mistress is where the players wear elaborate rubber costumes and act out their fantasies. I have an extensive rubber wardrobe and even a small selection of rubber clothes for you.

London Role Play Mistress

Maid Training for a London Role Play Mistress entails tuition, high protocol, domestic tasks whilst dressed as a maid. Must own a maid outfit.

School Head Mistress.  London Role Play Mistress conducts play in a school room scenario. Punishment in the form of hand ruler, OTK spanking, straps or caning. May involve lines, being seduced by the teacher.

Enforced fem is high on the list for this London Role Play Mistress

Slut Training/enforced feminisation for a London Role Play Mistress is were the male is fully dressed as a submissive female and trained as sex hungry tart, having to undertake sexual tasks and humiliation. Most certainly this will mean strap on play and nipple play. Must have own heels and undies.

Lady of the Manor/femme fatal.  London role play mistress might overpower the handyman or delivery guy. Once he has been reprimanded, she may find herself sexually arousing him. 

London Role Play Mistress

Executive Boss Lady might appraises his work and decides he is slacking. A good dressing down might be in order. Threaten he may lose his job or he could take a punishment instead.

Dominant Figure Of Authority - Naughty young boy or TV girl/sissy is caught in the ‘act’ by teacher, auntie, step sister, girl-next-door, Head Girl, Governess and is dealt with accordingly. Punished, dominated, humiliated, chastised and restrained. This could involve anything!

Another popular scenario for me London Role Play Mistress is interrogation. Spy!

Most importantly and without going into a long list of scenes you can use for your role playing, I'll leave it to your own imagination, or you can research it on the net. It's up to you. But by adding role play to your repertoire of teasing methods, you have a million new ways to tease and add excitement to your sexual experience.

Puppy training can be fun and scary especially if you take your puppy for a walk in the park!

London Role Play Mistress

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