Mistress Interviews and Reviews

There's been so many over the last 30 years, that I almost forgotten them all. I will work backwards from the most recent mistress interviews and reviews.

Read my exclusive interview for @wearemiingle here.

Read my feature on what ASMR is and how it is incorporated in BDSM on SimplySxy site.


Expo Erotica  Aug 2020 doing my workshop and Top Dommes Meet & Greet is CANCELLED.

Rose Talks Sex internet radio interview was fun during March 2020.

Interviewed March 2020 on http://dommelinx.com link coming soon.

Consequently, as I have lived and worked in Shoreditch for over 20 years I was recently interviewed for local site Made In Shoreditch.

Mistress Interviews and Reviews - some Podcasts too

Massad magazine interviewed me for their August 2019 issue of their hard-copy magazine.

Mistress Interviews and Reviews - Massad

November 2018 I graced the cover of Darkside Magazine issue 14 and they did a pretty lengthy interview too.

Also my mistress Workshop was featured in issue 12, along with a mention in a obituary about my dear departed friend Mistress Dometria.

This Ripe Fruit episode 6 can be listened to on:

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Photographed by Anthony Lycett for his book Self.Styled, celebrating individuality for the past 12 years. Buy Self.Styled book.

Loved doing this YouTube interview with Miss Marilyn. Such a darling girl and I was very candid with her. Excellent interviewer.

Mistress Interviews and Reviews - some films too.

Masocast is a USA podcast I was interviewed on.

Interview on the Honour Clothing website as I did several workshop for them.

Over the years I have been interview for LatexFashionTV so many times. They documented Club RUB and Rubber Cult and the wonderful latex outfits.

Prolific photographer Trevor Watson has taken many photos of me over the last 25+ years. Which means I'm in a couple of his books.

How exciting! Interview with me on British Fem Dom.

Read all about it! I'm up on Mistress Review with loads of client reviews.

Maria Coletsis took 1000's of photos of me over a 10 year period, then dedicated her book to me.

Writer too...as I wrote a feature in a magazine about style people in Shoreditch

Stylish as I am, I'm in a book from about about alternative style called Style Surfing by Ted Polhemus.

Mistress Interviews and Reviews - style icon too.

This image is on the 'contact page' of Kinkey Interiors.

Mistress Interviews and Reviews
Photo by David Emery

The English Mansion have been lovely enough to have reviewed and promoted a few of my projects like the archive of Club Rub in the Bishopsgate Institute.

Expro Erotica 2020 feature.

Interview I did for Tim Woodward for KFS Media.

My old Blog site.

Whoa! A 20 year old feature in the Skin Two magazinbe supplement Latextra...it was a huge birthday party I had!

Latextra Latextra Latextra

It's going to take a bit more thinking about...I may come back to this and add more.

Photographs and films: want to see more of me via my clips site: OnlyFans

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