UK Fetish Awards 2020

At last we have the event we have all been waiting for - the UK Fetish Awards 2020.

Nominated in three categories for the first UK Fetish Awards 2020 on Thursday, April 9th at Proud Cabaret Embankment, London.

Cut and paste this in BOLD into your social media:

Vote for me the queen of the scene, the queen of clubs ♣️ the queen bee ?? the rubber kink queen and the queen of your hearts❤️ 

Only me: 





Queen, Queen, Queen: Vote for for the queen of the scene, the queen of clubs, the queen bee, the rubber kink queen and the queen of your hearts ❤️

Only me! Miss Kim Rub, Rubber Cult and my Mistress Workshop.

I wrote, "Over the last 32 years I have become a legendary Dominatrix, fetish club promoter and BDSM educator. My fetish lifestyle has been documented and added to Bishopsgate Institute’s Library as cultural heritage. I'm the undisputed rubber kink queen, specialising in the latex BDSM experience, all other kinks are catered for with aplomb. A queen bee to my fellow dommes, I'm the matriarch. My great sense of humour, teaching-level knowledge, fetish style and realness, draws clients to my play space. An Elizabethan queen - welcome to my realm."

UK Fetish Awards 2020
UK Fetish Awards 2020
UK Fetish Awards 2020

The first ever UK Fetish Awards 2020.

UK Fetish Awards 2020

Not sure who is behind this, but well done, it's about time we had something like this. It was proposed to me a few years ago by Tony Mitchell of the Fetishistas but I declined the suggestion! Funny enough as I type this, the promoter of this event has just called me. That's my life, I ask, and the universe answers me! What an amazing promoter!

UK Fetish Awards 2020
UK Fetish Awards 2020

I'm all about community, so I'm happy to help, sponsor and promote this event. It's a large venue but I know it will sell out, so get your tickets for April 9th now.

UK Fetish Awards 2020
I've sponsored this event!

Join the party and get information from their Fetlife, Twitter and Instagram.

Don't miss out on the UK Fetish Awards 2020 spectacular event

Help me get my third award; the first was the Erotic Oscar trophy for Best Club at the Sexual Freedom awards, then Best Start-Up Business - Rubber Cult, at Berlin Fetish Weekend. Vote now!

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