Bed Geek Toy

This is my new friend, the Bed Geek toy.

Actually, it's less than a foot long (to be precise it's 8 inches), very tactile and this toy Bed Geek has some major vibration to it!

Sometimes you just need more massagers! I actually already have a Tsubo (no longer available) and a very old Pifco (that I don't use, but works). Handy for when your plug-in massager is doing it's job on the cock or vibrating the butt plug, and you need another one for the balls! Or the nipples? This is perfect for that. A helping hand.

Bed Geek Toy

Bed Geek Toy

Bed Geek toy works like a dream on all the sweet spots too!

Powering up comes in the form of a usb cable and can be done anywhere, even at the airport! The size is perfect for your handbag (comes with a velvet bag). I'm pleased, as I will be taking it with me, to my house in Spain. My Spanish clients will be getting a real treat.

Therefore, as it's on the smaller side, putting a condom on it is easy, which means sharing it with others maybe more hygienic.

The design too is appealing as it looks like a mini wand, and not a penis. The matt black silicon is very stylish. Other features include, it's waterproof, fairly quiet, 25 different vibrating patterns, lightweight and all in a cool reptile-scales effect.

Bed Geek Toy

Bed Geek Toy

Oh Bed Geek toy is actually a massager too! Good for aching muscles.

Best off all it's only £25. Keep an eye on there Twitter page for when they have a sale. There was one last week, which is when I got mine. However, I would easily pay £25 for it. Worth every penny.

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