Domme Social Media Marketing

Now is the time to step up your pro Domme Social Media Marketing.

Don't be late to the party, take a class tomorrow (or soon) and utilise this time you have right now, to maximise your income potential. Two hours are all I need with you, to bring you up to speed. Saying that if you have lots of questions we may go over two hours, but I charge you the same - £100. 

Perhaps you're wondering, what do I know? My total social media reach is over 150K. Actions speak louder than words and you can see my credentials for growing you media, here in this Blog. In fact, you will see how much each one has increased in the last month, as I have not updated this page. Always check credentials, especially if someone says they can help you with your social much do they have?

So you see, I know a fair bit and can help you increase yours.

Pro Domme Social Media Marketing

All dommes social media marketing should cover:

Twitter - OK, so you think you already know it? Do you really? Fetlife - What! You don't have a profile?

Instagram - Let me guide you around that minefield!

Blogs - Your untapped natural resource!

OnlyFans or similar - a 'must do' in the present climate.

Facebook - Oh dear, don't bother! But why!?

Finally, do you know what a habit is? It's time to get a good one and post regularly good, engaging content.

Most importantly we cover the platforms that you like, and use. We can discuss all the others too.

Pro Domme Social Media Marketing

Pro Domme Social Media Marketing

You can start by calling 07729003220 or emailing me to book an online two-hour class any time during the day or evening. I send you a link for Zoom, you don't need to have an account.

Pro Domme Social Media Marketing

Pro Domme Social Media Marketing

Pro Domme Social Media Marketing results can be achieved very quickly.

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Important: the only way to book an appointment, or to ask questions is to call Miss Kim on: +44 7729 003220

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