London Mistress News

Actually, I'm here to report that there's not much London Mistress news at this time, due to the Coronavirus.

Six weeks into Covid-19 and I think we are all starting to feel the strain. Some more than others. I have to say I'm not too bothered. I quite like the quiet and it's given me a chance to sort stuff out and catch up with projects. However, I just had my third bad day. In an effort to think only positive thoughts, I thought I would deliver you my, rather late, spring newsletter.

Graphic design is something I've always enjoyed, so designing the newsletter cover gave me a great deal of joy. Choosing the image, picking the fonts, and trying to work out what-the-hell I was to put on the newsletter cover!

First of all, my OnlyFans has gone from something I thought about once or twice a week, to now I upload every day. In the past I had been filming, doing professional photo shoot and selfies over a long period. I just didn't have them in any kind of order, also I was very confused by the OF platform itself. Plus it's difficult to know what content users would like! Feel free to message me.

As you know I'm into so many things from rubber bondage to sissification...and everything in between. I like to take sexy selfies and playful rubber ones too! I've even thrown in some of my day-to-day outfits as I go to such efforts to put them together. I'm a fetishist through and through. This has played a huge part in my daily life...especially when I add a pair of gloves, or heels. There are films that were taken in real-time sessions, plus ones set-up for filming, point-of-view (POV) films and show-and-tell...oh la la!

London Mistress News

London Mistress News

London Mistress news is about online sessions too

Session will only be conducted online and over the phone. It's very important not work in the same room during this period. We must be selfless. Anyway, boys don't underestimate the power, and fun, of online play. However, do pick a domme with a level of intelligence and a creative mind. I've alway thought a filthy mouth to be an asset too.  If you want the details of online sessions they are in this blog.

London Mistress News

London Mistress News

Mistress Workshop details is also part of my London Mistress news

When it comes to a formula that has worked for me, for eight years, it's my Mistress Workshop. I have been able to seamlessly transition from, in-the-same-space to online. I actually love the process of inviting ladies into my home and enjoying a group workshop together over a glass of Cava (or two)! It's such a bonding experience and I like to make it fun.

However, changes had to be made, and it seemed a good idea to split up the workshop a little for the online situation. Anyone can attend the group workshop every Saturday. Also anyone can book a 1-2-1 workshop. The content is the same. However, in the 1-2-1 workshop, I am able to help those ladies who are wishing to become a pro domme, with how to set themselves up. Your choice. Or just call me if you're unsure 07729003220.

Queen Bee Society drinks has been moved to June 26th which is my birthday - how very convenient. Our fingers and legs crossed for this one, as we are all longing to get together. Of course, upon arrival I give every lady a plastic 'gold card' and this charming gift.

London Mistress News

London Mistress News

Sissies By The Seaside II will go ahead but later in the year. We are going to wait and see when is the right time. Hopefully it will be in conjunction with Club Spank, a Brighton fetish club. 

Rubber Cult is so far away, that I think we can safely say, the end of October will be a good time for a party. Especially a rubber party. Everyone can wear rubber gloves and a gas mask! We will be safe LOL.

I'm a prolific blog writer. If you enjoy my musings, why not subscribe to my OnlyFans, thus doing us both a favour. You are viewing my content whilst thanking me, and I'm getting a tiny income. The subscription is the equivalent of under £15 a month. You can take one month only. I unfortunately don't get the full £15 but more like £11.

London Mistress news is short this time, but things will get better. Stay safe.

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