Top Rubberists Film

Thrilled to be part of #dontrushchallenge featuring International Latex Head To Toe Women for this top rubberists film.

Digital artist Valerian de Thorianie  recently asked me to be part of a compilation film project featuring the top international latex lovers. Check the film credits for all the amazing woman involved.

It's not the first time I have been part of the creativity of Valerian. I'm actually on his banner image on Twitter

Top rubberists film features the most rubber women on the international scene 

As soon as I saw his amazing digital artworks many years ago, I knew I wanted them for my monthly Club RUB flyers. Over the last 20 years I have picked the most talented photographers and artists to feature for the monthly flyers. Each year choosing two talented creatives and two sets of six flyer images.

So six were commissioned from Valerian about five years ago, and each one was absolutely stunning. Well, I would say that as they were all of me. Over the 20 years, I've only featured on a handful of flyers. With the end in sight I chose to put myself on, what would be, the last set of six flyers.

Valerian de Thorianie on Facebook.  

Top rubberists film by digital artist Valerian de Thorianie

Still, I cant believe that look so good in the creations via digital manipulation. I'm colourful, witty, stylish and creative in my choice of fetish attire. However, I love black too!

Photographs and films: want to see more of me via my clips site: OnlyFans

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