Domestic Setting Domination

Do you prefer the domestic setting domination in a lounge, as opposed to the dungeon?

My lounge is beautiful, spacious and has a quirky charm. It's perfect for for 'Upstairs and Downstairs' - Lady of the Manor, evil governess, hen-pecked husband and dominearing wife etc, etc

It's ideal for gentlemen who prefer more of a role play scenario or the informality. These type of sessions lend themselves to domestic servitude, with a more lengthy maid and mistress service orientated session.

Sessions can be a quick half hour spanking or over-the-knee spanking punishment and impact power play scenario.

Lover of foot and heel worship, I would make you kiss all of the high heel in my collection, finishing with my manicure toes.

Sissy and TV afternoon tea session deals are available, if you are interested we can discuss details.

A wide variety of impact play toys - slipper, whips, straps and rulers, for visits to the governess for correction and punishment. Or a more subtle 'aunty and naughty boy' scene.

Humiliation is perfect in a domestic setting, as we both feel very much as home, until you don't!

Maybe I will objectify you and use you as my table, foot stool or chair. Testing you, as I balance a glass on your back.

Domestic Setting Domination
Domestic Setting Domination

I have many leather boots, shoes and handbags that need polishing and shining. I read a book and you do a good job making them look brand new.

Whilst taking my afternoon tea, you are collared and leashed at my side. You will bathe and massage my feet.

Foot job in my rubbber stockings or latex toes socks, as you lay on the floor with your hands tied behind your back with a pair of my nylons.

Domestic Setting Domination
Domestic Setting Domination

Legs and foot worship are also much more comfortable in this domestic setting domination.

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