Mistress Life Work Organisation

Mistress Life Work Organisation is split into lots of different clip boards.

Mistress life work organisation is the key. It took me months to get to grips with OnlyFans as it's not just about content, which I have bucket loads of, but about having a routine for posting and filing...to name but a few.

Pen and paper is my prefered way to plan my life. I have clip boards on the wall so I can see at a glance what I need to do for each of the aspects of my life; Miss Kim Rub, Only Fans, Mistress Workshop, Rubber Cult, Queen Bee Society, Dungeon Parties, Household and Social Life.

Mistress Life Work Organisation
Clip Boards

Each topic may include; website updates, blogs, social media, client contact, equipemnts needs, advertising and PR.

Pen & Paper Organisation

Moleskin is my prefered diary, and as I use the one with the days of the week on one side and notes on the other. This means I have essential notes with me wherever I am, because I take my diary with me if I go to lunch or on a trip. No worries about getting hacked, deleted or having to type too!

All my old Moleskin diaries for my Mistress life work organisation

Mistress Life Work
Moleskin Diaries

If I want a date that I did something a couple of years ago, it will be recored in my diary, as I saved them. I have 30+ years worth of diaries.

Lists are how I get things done. Some of them are set-in-stone and they are habits, the things I do every day. Other lists are 'To Do', where I get great satisfaction ticking them off. I don't have them in order of importance. I can see at a glance what is important. If you're new to lists and being organised, I suggest you number them, so you get used to doing the most important first.

Blogging for Mistress Life Work Organisation

Underrated and absolutely essential. However, they must be regular. One a month or less seems pointless. Personally I love to write, which helps. I use my Macbook Pro 13 with Magic Keyboard, Touch Bar and Touch ID for a new level of productivity. The Cloud helps me have all my photos in one place too. I have used my iPad to blog on however, I prefer a laptop. Apple is queen.

Apple iPhones are also my prefered mobile phones. Everything synchronises, so I dont have to worry about anything. My watch is an iWatch too, which I have synced with my work iPhone. You can always get hold of me. Not after 9pm! I prefer to talk than type. We can say so much more in a matter of seconds, than we can typing on a tiny keyboard. Alway always happy to talk. I come from a generation that had no other options!

If I'm on a train or plane I tend to write on my iPad then drop it in to a SEO checked blog when sat in front of my laptop. I use Adobe Creative Cloud to edit my photos but keep this to a minimum or nothing, unless it's for my newsletters. Like this one...


I have an office and dressing room which is where I spend most of my days. Everything I need in one room. Plus a lovely comfortable leather chair and footstool to work from. I have a desk but I prefer comfort.

Life Work Organisation
The Seat Of Power
Mistress Life Work Organisation
Walk-in Wardrobe

Other Apple Mac Products

AirPods - not interested! I know I would never use them, then lose them! I like having the iWatch but dont know if it's really necessary. It is very handy though, when I dont have my phone on me and it's ringing. I can actually answer using my iWatch, which looks very James Bond.

November 2020 is the date for the launch of the iPhone 12 which I will defintaley get. As one of my iPhones is very old and may die a death at any moment.

Apples Are Not The Only Fruit

Just purchased the Canon PowerShot G7X MK II Camera which I will add to my filming kit. I really feel that my Handycam has a tendancy to over expose sometimes. The Canon PowerShot has a great auto focus too. I already have a EACHSHOT ES240 ring light, Sony FDR-AX33 4K Ultra HD Handycam with Exmor R CMOS sensor and a DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Gimble.

Canon PowerShot G7X MK II

Motivation is one of the hardest things to master, so having the right tools and incentives is essential.

Travel Organisation

Recently I've put together my travel bag essesntials so I'm not hunting around for things when I go away. Plus I always forget something! I chose a clear bag so I could see everything in it when on the train or during a flight. It's mainly for my trips to Spain.

Travel mug, Rennies, Vaseline, Painkillers, Pad and pen, Hand cream, Nail file, Fan, Large scarf, Specs case, Glasses wipe, Battery pack and lead, Face spray, Hairbands, Hand Sani or Disinfectant wipes, Tissues, Mirror, Deodorant, Mask, Reading glasses, Sunglasses, Sun lotion, Earplugs, Earphones, Travel mug, Nose tubes, Hair dye, Mosquito repellant, Bite relief, Perfume wipes, Snacks and Diary. 

Essentials are Euro €, Passport, Check-in print-out, C.C., £ Cash and House Keys.

Entertainment in the form of download a book or film, Book, Computer and lead, iPad and charger, Two phones  (Check service provider), Tripod and bluetooth.

Travel Bag
Travel Bag Contents

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