Devils Work Mistress Photoshoot

David Scott, who is Devils Work Photography, is my number one choice for top-notch, up-market, polished and professional Mistress photoshoot.

Images are very important for a working domme, as too are everything from selfies, to tripod and a bluetooth, to professionally shot photographs. I would choose devilsworkphotographyx for my mistress photography photoshoot again and again.

Sometimes it's not if someone is capable of doing the job, it's if they are nice and personable too. I don't think I've ever laughed so much on a shoot, you just can't put him off his game, he's too knowledgeable and skilled.

Unique selling point of David has to be his command of lighting. Very few have this know-how. You can have the best camera and model in the world, but if it's not lit well you will look one dimentional and flat. David knows how to choose the right spot, then light it to perfection, capturing the moment, adding depth, drama, ambience and colour. Check out his work also on Instagram. Or follow on Twitter .

Devils Work mistress photoshoot real mastery lies in his lighting capabilities

Ideas he has by the shed load - but then so do I. Between us, we captured some incredible looks. We started with a medical scenario. I had recently acquired a vintage hospital screen and trolley.

Miss Kim Rub Shot By David Scott, Devils Work Photography

Medical paraphernalia I have been collecting for many years, having had Medical theme at Club Rub at least once a year. So the obvious first picture had to utilise these. Not to mention a killer baby-pink latex nurses dress by Anatomic Bomb Couture (now closed). The dress has a very 50's vintage feel to it, so with the addition of some roll and roll hair, and a few accessories - Nurse Miss Kim was created.

Therefore, David lit the back curtains with a pink light which worked perfectly with the pale green PVC screen. Then pink latex gloves and the row of pink dildos, all lined up and ready to go. One of them doubling for a mobile phone! "Don't be a dick, she exclaimed! Or many other 'Dick' related comments LOL.

I have more latex nurse outfits, so watch this space for another medical themed shoot. I have a black, red and white one that would look great with my black Betty Page wig. Oh, and my slave fully rubbered up as an Egyptian Mummy in white latex bandages. David can we do this?

"Don't be a dick, she exclaimed!
"Don't be a dick, she exclaimed!

Latex gloves very often have talc on them, obviously not as much as seen here, but the shot is truely stunning and was so much fun to do. And in the words of Eminem:

"Look, if you only hat one shot of one opportunity. To seize everything you wanted in one moment. Would you capture it or would you just let it slip."

We practiced and practised, then when it was time to shoot, we caught the moment perfectly. Of course, it was all David's expertise. I just did as told.

What an unexpected killer shot at the mistress photoshoot

Expect the Unexpected From Devils Work Photography
Expect the Unexpected From Devils Work Photography

My top tip is to play up your strengths. I have great legs, so I got them out, and that is probably what you looked at first of me in the Opera coat? Of course, in the nurse picture there were two eye catching features...yes, my eyes LOL.

Opera Coat by Devils Work Photography
Opera Coat by Devils Work Photography

Post production can often let a photograper down, as sometimes the skills can be lacking. Photoshop, as with lighting, is a whole other skills set. David has mastered these to perfection. Even cloning bits in Photoshop from one photo to add to another!

I asked David at devilsworkphotographyx what it was like working with me, you see it's not a one-way street. He said...

"Shooting With Miss Kim Rub...

"Having admired Miss Kim Rub from afar for many years I decided to make contact in September this year as I really wanted to capture one of the iconic figures of the fetish world over the last 20 years.  

Having reached out to Miss Kim I was advised that I wouldn’t be paid for the shoot, but that wasn’t going to put me off!!  It would be my privilege to shoot her in a style of her choosing.

One of my heroes in the photographic world is Helmut Newton and I particularly love the old school style of film noir. I suggested that we potentially use this as a starting point for the concepts for the shoot. After a couple of phone calls I was struck by the warmth and creativity of Kim. A connection was made from the start.

After setting up a Pinterest board for the Devils Work Mistress Photoshoot

We a good idea of the style that we would use….definitely something theatrical, a bit of comedy potentially and most of all the shoot be something fun, something that later proved only too true.

Before most shoots I try as often as I can to meet most of the people that I’m about to capture on film.  It helps create a connection and more importantly it helps me understand the person I’m about to shoot on a slightly deeper level. This really helps push the level of creativity on the day.  

However, I must confess to feeling a tad nervous prior to meeting Kim, but soon after meeting, I felt that there was a meeting of minds which certainly added to the excitement of the shoot.

On the day of the shoot, Kim suggested that she would dress in a pink latex nurses uniform for the first set and for the second set she would change into a full length opera coat with corset and red heels!

The best was yet to come at the Mistress Photoshoot

The shoot was playful and Kim had an amazing sense of theatre with a touch of comedy, which I think comes out in the images that we created.  It was certainly like no other shoot I’ve had and hopefully we’ll collaborate on many more.

Thanks a million Kim. It was simply amazing.  Really hope we work together again on many more shoots." said David Scott.

So just to be transparent and not mislead, I do have an extensive wardrobe, make up skills, many many wigs, lots of props and equipment...Oh yeah, I'm a natural-born-poser, who also has acting skills. You may not get this level of content, but if you put lots into your preperation, then you will get lots out. I wrote a blog which might help up-and-coming posers, AKA mistresses.

Working with so many amazing creative and jobbing photographers, I realise choosing the right one just depend on what you want the photos for. So, to be clear I think all TOGS are great.

Earmarking one of David's fine photos for my next cover of QUEEN - Royal Realm Lifestyle issue, another for a Rubber Cult flyer. Then some for my social media.

Not to mention, some in a super duper gallery for my for a Christmas Day special set! So treating yourself to my OF content during December is must. Only £15 a month to see 6.5K photos, 532 films and 28 audio. Plus I upload five posts every day; two galleries and a film, plus more! Then there's lots of extra festive content too during Yuletide.

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