Communicate in English

Call me and communicate in fluent and clear English please.

Currently we are in the age of emails and texting, however, I'm an old fashioned gal...I like to talk. Which means, you have to do one simple thing, press call. If there is no answer, don't leave a message, try again in 30 mins, an hour, later in the day, whenever you can. I don't call you back for obvious reasons, and I dont listen to your message, as you will me calling me back - right?

Communicate In English
Call me

My wish is to speak to you. Call me on 07729003220. Don't ask, just call.

Gentlemen callers from overseas, I’m now on Telegram and Signal. Telegram seems to be the most popular in the UK. To get it on your phone, go to Apps. Type in Telegram. Press GET. Open it up on your phone. Add your phone number and a name. Approve access to your contacts. Then you can instantly see who is already on there.

Do communicate in English that is clear and fluent.

Communicatiuon is key, so if you can't string a sentence together, we need to talk! Language translators and spell checker are not the way to communicate with me. What are you going to do in session? Whip out your phone, just to translate a request for an activity, or to say "mercy"?

Please don't call me and say "Hello babe", or "All right?". Greet me in a proper and correct manner. Name. Greeting. Questions. I mean, it's not rocket science! If you are nervous, write it down. If you are calling lots of ladies, make notes.

Shy? If you can't call me because you're intimidated, how are you going to turn up for an appointment. I'm very nice and won''t make you feel 'less than' call me.

Communicate with me via a voice call only

For example, we can discuss everything in two, to five minutes maximum. We can also discuss the minutia of each aspect of BDSM, if you so wish. You can get a feel for what I'm like, and visa versa. The tone of ones voice, the choice of words, they all convey subliminal messages. Or maybe the converstaion will lead a more blatant...fuck, I'm not into that!

Very excitedly you can use your phone on this!

Therefore, we can find common ground and talk enthusiastically about our favourite aspects of BDSM. It's important to me that I understand your requirements. You see, I don't get you to fill out a laborious form, stating your likes and dislikes. I've been doing this for long enough now, I find I can work you out with a conversation. I play very intuitively, watching your body movements and the look on your face. Adding my own special brand of dominance and flaire! Plus I'm fairly easy going and will hear your requests mid-session.

Happy with mid-session communication

In conclusion, please don't message me on social media either. I never answer. Unless of course, someone is being helpful telling me a link is broken, or an event out of date. Then I will thank you.


Lastly, please don't send me photos. Don't ramble on. Don't wank when on the phone to me.

Do listen. Do make sure I've answered everything on your list. Do thank me for my time.

Now call me on 07729003220. Don't ask first, just call.

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Important: the only way to book an appointment or to ask questions is to call Miss Kim by calling on: +44.7729 003220

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