Spring Back To Work

Now is the time to spring back to work. The government guidelines have said April 12th 2021 will be the date they have chosen to start to lift the restrictions.

Spring has arrived, finally. The sap in rising! Pick up the phone and call me on 07729003220 during office hours to book an appointment. I will ask you a few questions, but please know that I have had the first vaccination. Second one due in May.

Having your own playspace is a godsend, especially when you need to keep everything clean and hygienic. My playroom is fully equipped, with an emphasis on rubber play. Saying that, I do all forms of BDSM play. I'm a 100% a fetishist and have an extensive rubber, leather and role-play wardrobe. I even have a bit of latex for you to put on. Plus LOADS of sissy dresses, wigs and shoes!

Sissy faces for dress up

I've been waiting to spring back to work

Online domination has been unfulfilling for me. I've been waiting and waiting for real-time in-person to return. I have to say it still seems like it won't completely return to normal, anytime soon. I have been in a social bubble with ONE client the entire time. Thank goodness! As you all know, I'm also a lifestyle domme. I will always be a Pro-Domme and would never want to be online-only!

Conversations are essential to me. Just had a wonderful chat with a newbie and put his mind at rest about visiting for the first time. I love to meet people. I enjoy the post-session, nearly as much as the session as it's a time to chat over a cup of tea.

Would love to spring back to working out and arranging the sisterhood gatherings too

One thing I'm very keen to do, once we can have bigger groups indoors, is the Queen Bee Society drinks. I love bringing ladies together and have become very close, and very fond of quite a few. None more so than Mistress Catriona who credits me with her intergration into the sisterhood of dommes. It's probably my background in fetish club promotion for the last 26 years. Love to see folks having fun.

Dedicated to the sisterhood of dommes

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