Domme Loves Sissies

Calling all sissies, cross dressers, transvestites AKA sluts! I have just had a huge collection of fru-fru dresses, fluffy mules, frilly pants, fishnets, petticoats and wigs...this domme loves sissies.

Slutty, wanton, obedient and cute behaviour is an absolute must for playtime with Miss Kim Rub. Sessions available full of hardcore BDSM action/old fashioned punishment

Household tasks/maid chores, or dressing up time

Pre-arranged cock sucking bi-action, can be set up after an initial first solo visit.

Hard core strap-on action. Love a TV whore on her back, with her legs apart. Endless possibilities for play with this dirty bitch.

Baby doll realness, baking cup cakes and drinking gin from a tea cup...girly stuff and filthy stuff.

Ever wanted to be trained in the art of the feminization? As a make up artist I know how to transform you and make you want to fuck yourself! Sit in front of the mirror as I instruct you to put on a show for Mistress. Want to lo learn to how to improve your feminine charms? Act like a desirable slut? Have them queuing up to take you!

All things that are available. What you need is a firm but but professional hand...oh er missus...from a domme who loves sissies.

Wigs come in ever colour; blond, pink, platinum, brown and black. Many different lengths and shapes. My selection of TV high heels are not too high, and I have a full range of sizes. My panties collection is growing, just like your bulge. Got another pair last night in silky red. I have lots of petticoats; orange, black x 5, green, pink and a black one with white polka dots. Just a few of the heels below.

Loves Sissies

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