Everyday Mistress Luxuries

When life gives you a kick, don't lay down and take it. On the back on being sick for a week (something that never happens to me), I remind myself of all the everyday Mistress luxuries I afford myself.

After 18 months of uncertainty, cancelled events and the grim reality of Covid lateral flow tests, we all need to cut loose and live like nobody else! So I went to Manchester to party with my friends at Club Lash, only for a weekend. It was a full-on, post-pandemic rubber-and-bejewelled-encrusted few days, in order to rejoin the party life. However, it nearly killed me.

Keeping our mind, body and soul filled up, will keep us in the game longer. It cheered me up to think about this and write it. It's easy to get burnt out in this industry, as we have more and more demands made upon us. Remember whilst you are chasing that penny, you have missed the pound. Not all that comes our way should be measured in monetry terms. Quality of life is key. This means you boys as well...a little of what you love etc etc.

Just remember we are self employed ladies with no holiday pay or sickness benefit. So bouts of illness can be a mean substantial loss of income. Gentlemen, those are the times to show support to your Mistress.

Do your hair and makeup

Boost your confidence by doing your hair and makeup each day.  Go above board especially with your makeup, it really does go a long way. Make yourself next level luxury. Idea for last minute bookings too, as you're ready! Guys, remember we dont sit around waiting for you. Give us notice.

Wear your signature perfume

Everyday spray it liberally on all your pulse points.  Even if you’re staying home.  I also wear a lavender based scent to bed. It can be expensive addition but it makes me feel so amazing. Intoxicate your clients and let them know the fragrance...you could always do with more!

Make a top three 'To Do List'

Productivity is key. Getting the three item to-do list done each day, I’ve felt so much more successful and accomplished. 

Curate your wardrobe

Make it a seasonal wardrobe, so you can easily matches items to create your look. It really does my you feel luxurious to know what works. Have some staples in your work wardrobe, just like you would have if you worked in an office. Stuff you know works.

Stop for a drink, take time to smell the coffee

Take time for yourself, doesn’t cost to stop for half an hour and watch the world go by. Of course, make it somewhere beautiful. Luxurious hotel bars are a must for added glamour, so stop for a drink, maybe a cocktail or champagne! Take a selfie and add it to your social media. #luxurylife

Use quality bed linen 

Replicate a favourite hotel by using quality bed sheets and notice how much better you slept in super soft 800TC sheets. I just purchased a white 1000TC duvet cover. Wake up feeling extra!

Invest in a quality handbag and shoes 

Wear them everyday! Do what makes you feel amazing. This is one of the easiest ways to bring happiness and joy to your life every day. Perfect for when your favourite client takes you for lunch, dinner or cocktails.

Schedule in something luxe

Something simple, it doesn’t have to be anything grand, just something for you to look forward to.  A simple coffee at a high end cafe, or a gallery visit or a walk through a vibrant market like Columbia Road. I love when clients bring me flowers. I have a flower slave...perfect!

Shop in your own wardrobe

Imagine wondering around a boutique with free range and ability to choose whatever takes your fancy for the day? Make that your wardrobe! Choose your outfit each day as though you were seeing them for the first time. Work clothes too!

Stop saying “I can’t afford that”

What you believe will be your truth. Instead, accept and believe life will provide. Be positive. Clients will see your positivity and provide for you, without having to ask.

Everyday Mistress Luxuries dont have to cost very much. A kind message is free.

Essential oils

Relax and enjoy all kinds of scents in each the room of your home with essential oils. I use an aroma stone which you plug in (safety first). Each oil combination has different effects to the mind and body. 

Be present

Living in the moment and being grateful for everything you have. Count your blessings...literally...and out loud! Tell your regular clients you appreciate them. #loyaltyrewards

Drink your favourite Champagne or drink

Mine would be Chartreuse! Whichever is your preferred option.  A glass of Champagne is a certain way to add luxury to your day.  Remember to raise a glass to your own good health. #healthmatters Of course, there is another type of champagne! A treat for a favourite client!

Invest in silk pillowcases

Many benefits come from using a silk pillow case.  It can help reduce wrinkles, prevent split ends and is cleaner than a cotton pillowcase.  Of course, silk fabrics are also associated with luxury. Put them on your Amazon Wish List and dream of receiving them.

Watch the sunrise or sunset

Every day, if you can do this! Take the time to stop and appreciate the beauty.  It’s one of the most soul lifting and luxurious things to do. Especially good when a client is buying the cocktails, as the sun goes down. It doesn't have to be all work, work, work!

Play your favourite music

Music fills you with joy, it can energise or relax you. What you choose to play is completely up to you, however I love jazz, classical, world, medieval and ambiant music. Choices for upper class living and luxury lifestyle. Time to add   more chic and add that glamorous glass of alcohol. Don't forget Amazon sells ALL alcohol. I just purchased some Chartreuse Green Liqueur. More options on my list.

Exercise daily

Exercise because you want to. Find somethning you enjoy. Even if it's only cleaning. Clean your dungeon, roof terrace, back yard etc.  For added luxury, choose an activity which is easily found on YouTube, for instance yoga, and pilates. (or horse riding is a well know Mistress indulgence).

Everyday drinks

Water, water, water! Feeling tired? Water! Sluggish bowel? Water! Brain fog? Water! I also love a quality tea and coffee. A luxury in itself is to visit the Algerian Coffee Store in Soho. It's been enjoyed for hundreds of years.  Gentlemen, never under estimate the delight a gift or tea or coffee can bring. Maybe not water!

Sleep in

Let’s face it, we all work so hard, so this is a luxury, right?!  Whether you’re into the finer things or not, everyone loves the feeling of not having to set an alarm the next day. That extra it of sleep will help you perform better during sessions too.

The offer of a foot rub is an everyday Mistress luxury

Wear gorgeous lingerie

Loungewear too! Just because you’re at home, doesn’t mean you have to let standards slip.  Wearing your best underwear! It's a confidence boost. Here is a little tip: clients love to buy undies, so go and add some to your wish list now.

Use quality skincare and makeup

Not all products are made equal. Similarly, to eating and drinking quality ingredients, it’s important to use quality products as part of your skincare routine.  Being able to sit at my dressing room table and take my time to carry out my full skincare routine is one of my favourite ways to add everyday luxury. 

Fresh flowers

By now you will know I love flowers. I have a flower slave! Those who truly live a luxurious life, have fresh flowers throughout their homes.  My top tip is ask for a large bouquet of white blooms, then separate the bunch into different vases around your home.  That way, you only need to buy one bouquet from a devoted client.

Morning cleanse

Lemon or lime juice to a glass of water. I take apple cider vinegar in the morning. Easy luxury, great for your general health and digestion, it’s a win win win!

Have a hot bath

Get your maid to turn your bathroom into a mini luxury spa. With gifts products of products, of course. Take your time soaking, whilst the maid is cleaning the house. Maybe get your back scrubbed? W@hat a priviledge that would be for the maid.

Create a luxury routine

My favourite part of my day is early in the morning, quality coffee, social media binge, beauty routine, perfume, clothes selection, music, reading etc. Then when I stop working, I begin my evening bedtime routine.  All explained, in parts, above.

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