T-Girls High Tease Was Amazing

What a wonderful Christmas festive season so far. My favourite party the T-Girls High Tease, was amazing.  I enjoyed it so much I wanted to write about it straight away whilst it was fresh in my mind. 

Finding the right girls is key, so when I met Joanna at one of Tim Woodward Chardmore Society parties, I knew I’d found my first exciting gal. Then two others came along with a high recommendation from my best boy Mr Underheel.  The lovely Joanna has written a blog about the party.

T-Girls High Tease Was Amazing

The London scene is known for many things but one of my favourite forms of play is with T-girls. That can be so naughty!

Next I decided to hold a small late-afternoon party called T-Girls High Tease, during the Christmas festive season. All three t-girls were available. I just needed some men, and happily I found three. Sadly, one of the gentlemen was unwell, so couldn’t make it. 

More a high tease, than high tea…however, I did offer ☕️ It was on-stop tease, and cock sucking too!

Putting people at their ease is one of my fortes, so we started with introductions and a conversation game, where we shared some naughty stories. It was like we’d all known each other for years. 

TV Joanna recited a poem she’d written about wanting to be one of Santa’s reindeer! She included my name - Miss Kim in the narrative. There was talk of me wielding a whip over her backside. Hilarious.

Quick as a flash I had the two guys over the bench sucking off the t-girl cocks. I love to direct the proceedings! However, I would say it's not enforced, I would say just aserving suggestion! Lots of switching around, changing positions, on the floor, over the sofa etc.

It was surprisingly tender, loving, sexy, erotic at the t-girls high tease, and far from the rampant testosterone macho man sex!

Occasionally, I would suggested we stop for a drinks and some yummy cakes and chocolate biscuits. Also bathroom breaks to refresh themselves. Half way through the proceedings I got two T-girls to lay down on the floor, buttocks to buttock, legs up in the air and promptly inserted to double ended dildo, that I’d been give for Christmas by dear friend Miss Raven! With no panties on, and only inches apart, I ordered that to thrust towards each other. Between them they made the whole 20 inches disappear…ding dong!

T-Girls High Tease

Three hours later, I had to prise them apart, as all good things must come to an end.  I halted the proceeding, and wave good bye to five very happy people. The messages I have had since have be the most lovely and heartwarming post-party messages I have ever received. It made me want to pick another date immediately.

All the play; cock sucking, kissing and fucking was consensual. This is not an enforced bi-sexual party...coerced maybe! Encouraged definitely! It was a really joyful, relaxed, fun and horny late afternoon gathering.  

Snogging was optional...however, there was a lot of that at my t-girls high tease

When are we doing it again? Yes! Tuesday February 15th. There will only another couple of spaces free! Call 07729003220

TESTIMONIAL: "Hello Miss Kim, I'm reflecting on last night's shenanigans and I have to say that it was the most wonderful experience. Thank you again for arranging and hosting."

Plus if you know me, you will know I'm all about the teas!

Want to join us? Call me for rates on 07729003220 - dont text, call!

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