Double Domme Shoot

My first professional photo shoot of 2022 was with an amazing photographer called Marcus Way and the beautifully creative BDSMMIA for a double domme shoot.

Long time admirer of Mia’s photographs, she reliably informed me that she often works with Marcus and they would both like to do a shoot with me. A date was arranged to shoot as my home and studio.

Double Domme Shoot

There were many many ideas flying around but in the end we picked three; nuns, bunny ears and 70’s disco,  and did two of them. The bunny ears will have to wait till another time. Which is a shame with easter coming up!

Double Domme Shoot
Real leather nun

Mother Superior was my look, very stern in all real leather, with my novice iconic Madonna-in-training! We both go into the part as Marcus had worked out some amazing lighting. Lighting is a real skill and Marcus really knows his stuff as you can see.

Pinterest mood boards were how Marcus showed us his vision for each look of the double domme shoot.

Obviously we had talked at length as girls do. We both agreed we didnt want predictable domme-with-a-whip type of shoot. Disco dollies was the second look and took place in my mirrorball bedroom. As I have nine pink wigs we decided that we would do more of a Studio 54 1970’s disco look and not a school dance from that period! My inspiration came from Miley Cyrus and her song Midnight Sky.

Wish we had done more behind the scenes, like this one, but we were having too much fun sipping gin cocktails from my bar at this double domme shoot!

70's disco divas

Stress during a photoshoot is something I hate, but this was never going to happen with these two. Easy going and playful is how I would say the day went. Will a lot of enthusiasm from Marcus. 

If you want to book Marcus Way contact him via or follow him on Instagram @marcusjohnway

Thank you to my darling friend BDSM Mia for organising this, especially as the trip started stressful for them. Her website and Twitter.

Double domme shoot with BDSM Mia

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