Sheets of San Francisco Gifts 

Sheets of San Francisco gifts manufacture a premium range to fluid proof sheets and throws.

Now on my third Sheets of San Francisco gifts throw, as I can't get enough of them. The first one is still going strong and permanently lives on the sofa in my play space. I hate to think what what the sofa would looks like now without the throw. Or I would have had to have the cushion covers off and forever in the washing machine.

Three in total of the Sheets Of San Francisco gift throws

Throw number two lives upstairs in my sissy boudoir, for times when I throw that bitch on the floor or over the sofa. Got to protect my carpets and my red real-leather sofa. You've got to protect your home furnishings. 

Sheets Of San Francisco gifts bed throw
Super king-size

Custom orders is also something they offer, so I also got them to make me a bespoke super-kingsize bed cover, and bought two pillowcases to match. Which are incredibly useful as you always need a cushion to prop someone up, or save your knees. It's huge but still manages to fit in the washing machine. I only do that if there is a huge mess. Otherwise, I simply use paper towels and antibacterial spray to spot clean.

Sheets Of San Francisco quality
Quality fabric

Custom made bed cover that goes over the whole bed

This new throw is for in the play space. As it's so big it covers most of the floor and makes water sports doable. I simply grab the four corners and take it to the bath to empty. Nothing penetrates this fabric. I've stood on it too in heels and it's very durable. I wouldn't recommend walking on it too often or making it into a rug, but light heel-use is OK.

Amazing sheets have an amazing feel against the body and might be described as feeling like “rubber infused with silk”. Not cold to the skin either. Not only do they feel great but they are extremely tough and durable, and most surprisingly are really easy to wash. Simply throw the used sheet in the washing machine on a standard 40C wash, warm tumble dry and they are ready to go again. I can't tell you how many times I have washed mine, and they come out looking like new.

Designed to protect your home furnishings

Wide range of fluids including massage oils, blood, ice, lubes, food, drinks, bodily fluids, wax, and whole range of other messes, constrained only by your imagination.

Sheets Of San Francisco for use with wax and oil
For use with wax and oil

In conclusion, Sheets o San Fransisco gifts make the perfect Christmas present...especially if you like it messy.

Got the first one in 2017 and wriote this BLOG.

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