What My Mother Taught Me

Decades passed and I couldn’t work out what my mother R.I.P. had taught me. What life's lessons she had equipped me with. It’s only been since I’ve been on my recent spiritual journey, that I realise it’s been many things.

My mother is the boss. A strong powerful woman. My father would agree with that, not just because he would have to, but because he’s a feminist also. I’m certainly a ‘chip off the old block’. 

What My Mother Taught Me

Red hair, my mother gave me her genes and as soon as I was old enough to realise redheads are in the minority, thus making me special and rare…I started to appreciate what I had. My early years 2 to 5 were spent being told how beautiful I was and how mother and father were very proud of me. Even from a tiny baby she paraded me around and ‘everyone’ told her I was beautiful. Which made my sister end up calling me Miss World, in later years.

What My Mother Taught Me

What My Mother Taught Me

I’m beautiful, is what my mother taught me.

If you want something work for it. Save up and buy it. I currently have no credit, loans or outstanding monies owed. Last yearI paid off my very small mortgage on my Spanish home. At the age of 19 I bought my first house and whilst my folks didn’t give me a penny towards the deposit, their help and encouragement were invaluable.

Mother always stood up for what she believed in. I worked with her for a while, when I was in my late teens and she would stand up for all the other women we worked with, even when ‘they’ lost their voice, and she stood alone. 

What my mother taught me was that you can’t rely on others. You get the job done yourself.

Massive love of clothes and jewellery. I love gold, diamonds and opals. We both share this love.

Manners. Not just please and thank you but how to eat properly, which seems to be sadly missing nowadays. I’m not phased by dining in London’s finest restarants. I know how to use cutlery and don't shovel it in.

Cooking is also what my mother had taught me. Baking in particular. Also how to budget, shop and put a meal together. There were no convenience meals when I was a kid. I cook three meals a day and none of them come out of a packet. I don’t own a microwave.

Dress making, sewing and knitting. My mother made lots of my clothes when I was a little kid. She would dress my sister and I the same, even thought were were four years apart. No Primark in then. Clothes were expensive or handmade…so she taught me. She encouraged me with my only real skill - creativity and art.

Loved me unconditionally! I’ve never doubted it for a moment. The best thing any parent could give a child.

What My Mother Taught Me

Unconditional love is what my mother taught me. 

Kindness to old people. What my mother had taught me was always to be lovely to them. You can tell a lot about someone with the way they relate to those older.

The name Kim is an English baby name meaning: Bold family. Bold kin. 

Famous Bearer: The hero of Rudyard Kipling's novel was 'Kim'.

What is the acronym for Kim?

Acronym Definition
KIM Koperattiva Ta' Min Irabbi l-Majjal (Maltese pig breeders cooperative)
KIM Knowledge and Information Management
KIM Keep In Mind
KIM Keep It Moving (song title)


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