Filming Package Central London

“Kim and I had met for a few cocktails in Paris when she mentioned her Filming Package at her studio in Hackney, Central London.”

Huge thank you to Lady Bellatrix for this amazing testimonial. Find her LoyalFans link on her site.

As it so happened, I was in the midst of planning a tour, so I tagged on a Filming Package in Central London…her timely offer really piqued my interest! 

As the margaritas flowed, she explained how the Filming Package in central London worked

Hours I chose was to come to her studio between 10am to 6pm. She would do all the filming, but I was to bring my own devices. She would arrange all the furniture to set the scene up and provide the lighting. I thought this sounded like a brilliant solution for my filming needs! 

The Filming Package mean she did everything!

Well know as a touring Domme and prolific content creator, there are so many small details to think about. Besides worrying about travel delays, and other scheduling woes, when one is on tour, the suitcase can get heavy travelling with so many implements (not to mention all the shoes, latex and vanilla necessities). So, the fact that I can swan into a fully equipped dungeon with just my wardrobe, camerawoman at the ready and have everything I needed seemed like a brilliant idea. 

Not just any Filming Package

Fantastically, as part of the Filming Package, Kim allows us to bring one slave for the day. I chose to bring a well rounded slave whom I knew Kim would like to spend the day with as well. This slave was chosen as I knew our interests were compatible and we could accomplish a variety of activities. One of which was strapon and Kim provided a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The slave also enjoys CBT and Kim had a very comprehensive collection of toys and implements to compliment these scenes. The slave also enjoys a good hard caning and I was impressed with the selection of canes she had. These were shot using her strap-on bench and an A-Frame positioned between mirrors so visually, it created a very sexy back drop. 

Massively impressed with was Kim’s selection of rubber bondage and other similar accessories. As we both love our latex, I knew I could get the type of desirable content for my heavy rubber niche. By that time of the day, I was starting to get burnt out, so Kim also helped suggest possible scene ideas. She also had a very impressive collection of gas masks which I was very pleased with! We shot this with a different back drop and used the bondage bed and mirrors which looks hot!

When the shoot reached its natural conclusion, I ended up with 9 quality Femdom clips. I had a particularly hectic tour, so it was nice to be treated to a margarita at the end of the shoot on her roof top terrace, for a moment of decompression. Her knowledge of the industry and hospitality also go a long way towards her Filming Package being something I highly recommend!

Kim’s Filming Package

In conclusion, Kim’s Filming Package Central London is as unique as she is. I don’t know anyone else who offers such a good deal. For £200 you get an eight hours rental of a fully equipped dungeon, with the camerawoman included. You don’t need to worry about clean up or moving furniture. Also, you don’t have to wait to get the footage as it is shot on your own device (she also provides lighting). Not only that, you get Kim! A friendly face with decades of knowledge of the industry, so she knows your needs. If you’re a touring Domme looking to shoot more solo, or with a chosen sub, content then this is the solution for you! 

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