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Long story but to cut it short, I will be moving my monthly mistress newsletter to my own blog section on here. Here is a YouTube explanation.

Not sure what they will look like moving forward but similar to this I hope. The will appear on the last few days of the month, and will be a recap of that month, with some things that are coming up like events.

Bear with me whilst I make these changes. I love nothing more than writing and being creative, so I may go back to the old style of QUEEN magazine cover that I've done for four years now. This one below is the very first one in January 2020.

QUEEN is the name of my monthly mistress newsletter

If you are on my email database, I will be emailing you personally soon to ask if you want to go on the new list. Hopefully I will be able to send lots of small batches each month that guide you to my blog...rather than actually be embedded in the email. That way you can choice to go and have a look on my website or not!

This QUEEN edition is for the month of January 2024

I know the one below says February but I have decided to change the wording to read what month has just passed.

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