Expo Erotica

Expo Erotica at Birmingham NEC is giving 20 of the Queen Bee Society dommes a DISCOUNTED stand at this years event on September 28th and 29th 2024...ONLY £299. Should be £400.

Expo Erotica: In the Fetish Zone - Unleash Your Potential - Join for an unforgettable experience! To secure your place text on WhatsApp Mario on +447802 452283 or email: expo contact@expoerotica.co.uk

Expo Erotica
Expo Erotica

Are you ready to take your brand to the next level? Expo Erotica invites you to be a part of the exclusive Fetish Zone. This is your chance to shine, connect with your fans, and grow your following like never before!

Already booked in at Expo Erotica is Miss Courtney. Hurry...ONLY 20 places and I'm inviting everyone!

Another booking from Lady Dark Angel.

What's Included for just £299 two-day stand September 28th and 29th 2024:

One: Showcase your personality and brand over an action-packed weekend.

Two: Full stand-panel cover printed with picture of your choice. Your HUGE image prominently to attract attention and stand out - 3mm Foamex Panel: High-quality display panel included.

Three: Table and chair at your stall. Basically a complete setup to present your merchandise and engage with fans, included in the deal.

Four: Your own QR code to your socials. Priceless! This makes it easy for fans to follow you with a quick scan.

Five: Merchandise Sales: Sell autographs, photos with fans, book sessions and any other merchandise that represents you.

Six: 360 degree video booth: Charge fans to join you in this booth, for an immersive video experience they won't forget.

Seven: Auto Retweets from the 360 degrees machine. They automatically retweets videos to profiles of your choice, boosting your social media presence.

Eight: Social Media Growth: Encourage fans to sign up for your content 'Fans' sites or follow your social media channels.

Nine: Fanbase Expansion. Connect with a wider audience and grow your fanbase as there will be lots of inquisitive boys.

Ten: Client Networking: Meet potential new clients, products and services and collaborators.

Eleven: VIP Erotica Party: Enjoy FREE entry into the exclusive V.I.P. Erotica Party and mingle with other top influencers. Savor UNLIMITED Diablo Vodka while you network and enjoy the party atmosphere.

Twelve: Film crew on site, ensuring you get film footage.

Official sponsor in four of my areas of expertise

MissKimRub.com, MistressWorkshop.com, RubberCult.com and Queen Bee Society (details in linktree below).

Expo Erotica Official Sponsor

Hurry and be one of the lucky 20 to join Expo Erotica this year. Whether you’re in the Fetish Zone, this is your opportunity to showcase your unique style and engage with a passionate audience.

What you will be expected to do is promote this event on a regular basis, so your fans don't miss you when they attend. The price of the stand can easily be reimbursed by cashpoint meets, autographs, signing up to 'fans' sites, booking sessions, charging for selfies etc.

Expo Erotica Official Sponsor

Remember Mario is going to need payment first (see above), then your photo. Pick the image that will makes you stand out, and stop fans in their tracks!

Parking spaces available, one ticket per stand, cashpoint on site, food and drink available on site, secure cloakroom for valuables, or bring a case/slave and chain it to your table!

Furthermore, if you're wondering if I will be there...sadly not 😒 It's the same weekend as Rubber Cult at Simon Drakes House of Magic on September 28th. I'm gutted. So, if you missed the 20 places, why not make your way to the latex party of the year.

Expo Erotica Official Sponsor

In conclusion, I am not making a penny for this deal I secured for you. Just like I do not make a penny from Queen Bee Society drinks that I organise. Next Queen Bee is Sept 20th and details are in my linktree.

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