GG High Protocol Event

Third time to be invited to take part in GG Gynarchy Governance high protocol event at an amazing venue in Bedfordshire, with nine of the femdom scenes most amazing ladies. Lead by powerhouse Mistress Tess.

This amazing multi-room venue with outdoor Jacuzzi/lounge space, and extensive grounds is easily accessible from St. Pancras London in an hour. Short cab ride to the venue.

Planning for GG high protocol event always a big thing with me, so I make sure I bring everything I need; water, tipple, outfits, personal play kit, pampering items and lots of ideas and enthusiasm.

GG High Protocol Event

Top High Protocol Event

Wonderful birthday celebrations on day one. I insisted on a tequila shot for everyone which I'd brought with me. I was spoilt by @AvaVonMedisin @MissAnneTittou and Mistress Valentina with bottles of booze.

Photoshoot in the grounds took place with pony carts, No. 3 ran around the grounds pulling me behind him like the devil was on his tail...yes, me! Single and groups shots were taken also. Loved the all-real-leather outfit that I wore (photo coming soon).

GG High Protocol Event Ladies

Day two was memorable, as I got slave No. 15 for the whole day. First he polished (with my Duraglit) my silver tea set that I took with me. Once done, he made my favourite tea and served me in the grounds, under the tree. I had him read a flagellation poem to me, whilst I made sure I was covered with my parasol. It was the hottest day of the year!

Gynarchy Governance Event 2024

School sports day was one of my highlights of my time there. I was a St. Trinians Head Girl, as in previous years I'd been a teacher and then the headmistress. We sat in the shade, as the slave humiliated themselves trying to win games for their mistress!

Love a bit of wax play, especially when it's an outdoor arena. No worries about cleaning up or setting anything on fire! Plus as I had previously woken up the slaves at 8am and hosed them down in the grounds for their morning shower, so I used it again to clean of the wax off.

We get a different slave each day

Adorable young slave No. 12 massaged my legs, later I massaged his balls with my feet 😂 Even though he had a chastity cage on, he wriggled with delight.

Reflexology from No. 17 was really very good. Perhaps I'm giving to much away? Anyway, this blog was never mean to be a blow by blow of what happens at Gynarchy Governance. If you want to know more, you will have to sign up for 2025 and come along!

Spending quality time with my fellow mistresses is priceless. Below with @Amysolesx_feet on X.

Huge thank you to the mistress who made it all happen, my friend Mistress Tess. Very flattered to be asked back again and again. The pamper kits in our rooms was a nice touch also.

High Protocol Event

In conclusion, well done to my boys numbers; 15, 12 and 17. I hope you make it back next year, to play another day!

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