Skype and FaceTime Sessions

All Skype and FaceTime sessions are by appointment only.

Decide how long you would like.

Log in to your Amazon account. Go to 'Gift Cards and Top Ups', then 'eGiftcards', then ' eGift Voucher', then enter the amount £, then where is say 'Recipient' add: You then text me to tell you have done it and I check before we do anything face-to-face. I will get an email conformation. Then we can talk about a time and what you want in the session. Just email me via the address above or call me. If the time is important, call me before buying the 'Gift Cards and Top Ups'.

Not in London? No problem, I’m an online dominatrix too!

I offer a variety of options for Distance Training or BDSM that will allow you to serve me, worship me and be trained by me from any location in the UK or worldwide.

Happy to wear your chosen outfit and make-up in your Skype and FaceTime sessions. However, I do not show you my intimate body parts.

Session Costs for Skype and FaceTime sessions:

20 mins – £45

30 mins – £55

40 mins – £75

60 mins – £100

Our Skype and FaceTime sessions can include BDSM instruction and demands from myself Miss Kim Rub, a professional dominatrix.  This will take a small amount of discussion prior, on the telephone.

In the sessions many of the formal BDSM implements can be improvised with household items, if you don’t have your own toys.

Happy to use your favourite trigger words and engage in dirty talk. Although nothing derogatory levelled at myself.

Do you long to hear the clink of metal chains, the squeak of leather, the swish of a whip as it travels through the air? Book a Skype and FaceTime sessions with me and I will tailor-make your experience.

Skype and FaceTime sessions can be anytime, if I have the time.

Skype and FaceTime sessions

Skype and FaceTime sessions

I love to do Skype and FaceTime sessions in my latex, or corset and stockings, or six-inch heels...let's talk.

These sessions can be just as satisfying and rewarding as a real-time session.

You can also see more of me via my clips site: OnlyFans

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The only way to book an appointment or to ask questions is to call Miss Kim by telephone: +44.7729 003220

Miss Kim x




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