Travelling Domme

As a full time Mistress, dominatrix, pro domme I'm always happy to leave London, UK and see clients in their local city. Want me to come to your city?

All you have to do is suggest a dungeon I can rent or you pay for a nice hotel room. Plus pay for two hours up front and I will come. It’s so nice to get out of London. Travel is one of my favourite things to do, so I wouldn’t mind if the travelling cost ate into my profit.

Make it somewhere nice though, perhaps somewhere that has an art gallery or a natural history museum, a bit of culture.

Perhaps a beautiful river/coastal front, with bars and restaurants. Not forgetting charming shops and cafes. Life isn’t all about money, it’s about experiences.

Take a session with me…it would be an experience…an occasion you wouldn’t forget.

European and international travel is not out of the question, I would just need to have met you before or have a way to vet you. Checks would be made on all travel arrangements prior.

Some of you may know that I have my own home in Spain. This gives me the option of taking you with me but this can only happen once we have formed an excellent mistress/slave relationship. It would be wonderful to be waited on hand and foot, in the sunshine; lazy days and torturer nights 😉

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Miss Kim x


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