Customer Service

I’m nice. If you want a bitch (in session) you have to ask for it…however, be careful of what you wish for, as I’m an accomplished actress.

I am as adept at the super hardcore stuff, as the kinky tied and teased, however, I'm not by nature a super hardcore Domme.
I  see so many ladies fall into 'Mistress mode' 24/7 - I don’t! I'm always polite and charming. That should be both of us! Rude is not my M.O.  I don’t have Dommitus. I’m a completely rounded individual with loads of interests; painting, reading, walking, holidays, interior design, art and many more.

I’m happy to answer questions about my services via a quick call 07729 003 220. I will only give basics details via email, as I would much rather you call me. It’s nice to hear someones voice, and perhaps have a little banter. If I’m busy, I will ask you to call back.
I’m not a high protocol Domme. You can ask in session for want, so long as you remain respectful and not demanding or complaining. I may even invite you to a cup of tea after the session.

With some of my regular clients, I’m happy to go for a coffee, glass or wine or even dinner.

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Miss Kim x

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