Old School Domme

You could really call me and old school domme, mistress, dominatrix as I like that style of domination and I've been around for a while. I haven't always been known as Miss Kim (Rub) of London E2. My very first mistress name was Mistress Mary. I chose the name based on the children's nursey rhyme: "Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow? With silver bells and cockle shells and pretty maids all in a row". My first persona had black hair. Now I wear wigs, like I wear clothes. However, my favourite thing to wear is the Muir cap. I reminds me of days gone by when a domme had a distinct look. A uniform, if you like. The old school attire would consist of stockings, suspenders, corset, opera-length gloves and a Muir cap.

My very first dominatrix job was with a domme called Mistress Victoria in Leyton. Back then guys had to write an initial letter, as there was no internet. Dominatrix and sub corresponded back and forth via the Royal Mail. You only got the house phone number when you became a client. I was her assistant, basically she told me what to do! Mistress Victoria put a 'fish tank' gas mask on her slave, lit up a cigar, then blew the smoke down the breathing tube. It highly amused me. I got disapproving looks from Mistress!!!

Many years ago I worked in two dungeons; Miss Severity and Mistress Vanessa. I answered the phone. No internet back then. In fact, there was no mobile phone when I worked for Miss Severity. They were fun times especially, with Miss Severity, who could easily book eight clients a day!

Whilst I have only just decided to go professional, I have such an amazing history and have gathered a wealth of experience at parties, domme friends clients, partners lovers and playmates over the last 20+ years.

When you teach a subject, you tend to embrace it whole heartedly, my Mistress Workshop is about five years old now and I love it more then ever. What came first? Certainly teaching has reignited my passion for the amazing world of BDSM.

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Miss Kim x

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