Marquis Film

One of my favourite films of all's wonderfully bizarre! All off the actors have animatronic animal heads.

Its set in pre-revolutionary France, the 'Spaniel' Marquis de Sade sits in jail working on his filthy sado maschiostic writings and having conversations with his penis, which has a face and is named Colin (who is a puppet).

When Colin is not whining about his need for thrusting action, he is "telling stories" that make up the Marquis' work (some of which is illustrated via clay animation).

The Marquis was imprisoned for raping and impregnating the 'bovine' Justine. The latter is a plot by the camel-headed priest Don Pompero and the cocky Gaetan De Preaubois try to keep secret the fact that Justine's rapist was actually the King of France.

It's not based on the actual life of the Marquis De Sade but more a flavour of.

These lead to some truly weird sex scenes, including where the Marquis fucks a hole in a talking wall with his penis; or where he has anal sex with a guard using a lobster; or of the guard masturbating milk from the cow heroine’s udders.

Meanwhile, the revolutionaries prepare to stage a coup and depose the king, under the lead of Juliette de Titane, an 'equine' noble. Several of the inmates are also political prisoners leading to several failed escape attempts which land the inmates in the Bastille dungeon. They are eventually freed, however, by the revolutionaries.

Colin eventually falls in love with Juliette and runs away with her to continue the revolution, leaving the Marquis to continue his writing and to muse about his life in peace.

Wish you could buy it. I'm only thankful someone has posted it up onto YouTube.

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