CP Dungeon Parties

CP/Spanking Dungeon Parties...read on!

As a professional dominatrix, pro domme and Mistress I'm asked to join in with various Mistress dungeon parties, all the time. If it's in London then I only work with Mistress Vanessa, as we have been running parties together for 15 + years.  She is the perfect business partner for me; we know each other so well - it works! Plus she is a total expert on everything BDSM.

There were no other parties when we started 14 + years ago.  There were 'house' parties in dungeons but they were a more social, no-paying affair.

Our group dungeon parties are very successful. The party dates for 2018 are; Feb 6th - Apr 10th - June 5th - Aug 7th - Oct 9th - Dec 4th.

We have decided to add Corporal Punishment (CP) Dungeon Parties to our repertoire. Joining Mistress Vanessa and I in this venture, is the wonderfully accomplished Original Miss Raven.

CP Dungeon Parties dates for 2018 are Jan 9th - March 6th - May 8th - July 10th - Sep 4th - Nov 6th.

If you love the sound of leather on skin, the swish of a cane as it passes through the air, the dull thud of a paddle on a bottom, the sensuality of a flogger all over the back and bum, perhaps a little bit of skin on skin...then this party is for you.

spanking implements

spanking implements

The best thing about this party is the price - only £100 for two hours. That include wine and sandwiches, nibbles and cake.

Join us from 6pm to 8/8.30pm at Mistress Vanessa's chamber in Paddington for the CP Dungeon Parties and get a taste of the whip, receive 'six of the best', get 'hand-slap punishment' with the ruler, or a slipper on the botty...all delivered from three very well accomplished Mistresses; Original Miss Raven, myself Miss Kim and Mistress Vanessa.

Book your place now as seats are limited to those who can take it. Think you're hard enough?

Visit Mistress Vanessa's site and book your place on our CP Dungeon Parties through her www.mistressvanessalondon.com

She also has a Twitter page if you would like to follow her.

Check out my social media on the HOME page and the BLOGS page. Follow me?

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The only way to book an appointment or to ask questions is to call Miss Kim by telephone: +44.7729 003220

Miss Kim x


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