Pro Domme Expert Sensation Play

Unique to Miss Kim, the UK's top Pro Domme Expert on Sensation Play.

I invented BDSM/ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Reaction) play in August 2017. In this format coupled with BDSM, it's unique to me. I don't know any other Pro Domme that is an Expert Sensation Play, the same way as me, incorporating all the senses. Some don't even think it is a part of BDSM. I beg to differ. I know lots of people that have a fetish for feathers, fur, leather, tassels, rubber, silk, velvet...and that's not just wearing it. It's a sensory fetish as well as a visual fetish.

Pro Domme Expert Sensation Play BDSM/ASMR

Fetishisms are a very strong desires, often evoking an emotional response. Pro Domme Expert Sensation Play (BDSM/ASMR) I incorporate it into a BDSM session, as I dominate them during play. I also add the occasional slap when I have told them not to move for example. So, all is not lost when I like to dish out the pain.

Pro Domme Expert Sensation Play

Pro Domme Expert Sensation Play BDSM/ASMR

Bondage will render them powerless and allow me free reign over their body. I limit their senses, with blindfolds, ear plugs, gag etc and all the other sensations will be heightened. This may leave them with an element of fear, especially if I threaten what will happen if they move. Fear super charges the sensations.

Temperature play is fun. Ice and heat...even your hot breath whispering in their ear.  This is a huge part of sensation play. I like to get creative.

Soft and fluffy, textural or spiky, are included in my Pro Domme Expert Sensation Play session.

Pro Domme Expert Sensation Play session

Pro Domme Expert Sensation Play BDSM/ASMR

Electrics can come under this category.  I'm fully loaded, if you want to experience the tingle.

Sensation play affects not only the body but also the mind. Everyone reacts differently during a Pro Domme Expert Sensation Play session.

There may be some aftercare needed. It might depend on what was done. I've found a level of hands-on care is needed after this type of play. It can trigger mental or emotional stuff.

Pro Domme Expert Sensation Play BDSM/ASMR

Pro Domme Expert Sensation Play can also include tickling. It's another one of those sensations that can be both painful and pleasurable.

After all, there is a fine line between pleasure and pain.

Testimonial: "Just wanted to say an enormous thank you for today's session. I truly haven't enjoyed such a pleasurable session before. I loved being your 'pet.' What incredible sensations you created. I'm looking forward to seeing you again soon."

Lastly, I feel it's a part of ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Reaction). The brain reaction to sounds, visuals and touch. During session, it's not only a physical sensation, but and smell, auditory and visuals too. Whispering, gentle sounds and therapeutic sensations on the body for sexual arousal. Some people really respond and other don't. Your brain has to be wired the right way...if it is, it's mind blowing.

Pro Domme Expert Sensation Play

Pro Domme Expert Sensation Play BDSM/ASMR

You know these two 'things' have never been put together before. I did that. Whilst ASMR has been around a long time and lots of people know what it is. They have not bought the two together. The singular sensation 'auditory' version has existed on YouTube for a long time.

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