Ten London Domme Facts

Ten London Domme Facts about me Miss Kim Rub who works out of Shoreditch Hoxton London E2.

Here are Ten London Domme Facts about me:

Number one: I used to own and drive a Volvo Sports P1800S white with red leather interior. I had it for about five years. I was driving up Haverstock Hill one day and the brakes went. I had to use the hand brake and drive home very slowly - nightmare!

Ten London Domme Facts

Ten London Domme Facts - One

Two: Riding - I can horse ride and have pass my motorbike test (is that two?) but have never ridden one solo to this day.  Two very scary pastimes. Two uncontrollables; the horse's (sometimes) irrational mind and other road users!

Three: I worked at a pottery when I left school. I can throw a pot! Not sure if I would be able to do it now but would love have a go again.

Ten London Domme Facts - three

Four: I used to work in Public Relations as an account manager. I had holiday tour operators and tourist boards accounts - basically it was the travel industry. Accounts like; Hawaii Visitors Bureau, New York State Tourist Board and Washington State, California Four Cities Tourism, etc. This meant I travelled LOADS. Been to all those places above and more. Flown First Class, stayed in Five Star hotels, been to the most amazing restaurants. Horse riding ranch in Washington State, on a sea plane in Seattle, submarine in Hawaii, helicopter in Hawaii and NYC, luxury spa in San Diego, and a cruise around the Statue of Liberty, to name but a few.

Ten London Domme Facts - Four

I've tried to be random with my Ten London Domme Facts.

Five: I'm a natural curly-haired red-head. Cuffs to match 😉 Just like my mother (see below). My brother has a son who is strawberry blond. However, now life has lightened my hair! It's almost white. So turning it pink is a simple with a wash-out colour. My brother and sister were not so lucky with the red hair gene.

Ten London Domme Facts - Five

Six: I have a wig fetish. Own about 60, maybe more. Ten of which are pink. Currently, I only wear the pink ones or a black Betty Page wig. Recently bought a platinum blond real-hair wig so I could dye it pink!

Ten London Domme Facts - 6

Seven: I love opals and have lots of gold jewellery. This is one of my favourite pieces, it's one that I designed. This heart has a hook through it and an Australian opal set in it. I have rings too. Oh, also I love diamonds and could always use more diamonds, if you're asking?

Ten London Domme Facts - 7

Probably the most relevant of the Ten London Domme Facts is...

Eight: I did my first domme job 27 years ago with Mistress Victoria AKA Jackie. I got paid £50. Very pleased I was too. The journey since then has been amazing. History darling!

Nine: When I was eight years old I learnt a very long poem, that I still remember to this day - verbatim. Here it is in video format. It's my party piece.

Number Ten: I'm a little bit of an artist. Here are two of my current projects. The red one in my Spain home and the other in London flat. If I only had more time!

Ten London Domme Facts - Ten

Ten London Domme Facts - 10

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