London Mistress – Illustrious Domme

London Mistress - Illustrious Domme -

Miss Kim Rub, has been on the fetish BDSM scene for three decades.

As a London Mistress - Illustrious Domme, I have always had a passion for BDSM and fetish. With more than 28 years of experience, I have the skill and the knowledge to make for a very interesting Mistress Workshop class and private BDSM client session.

The Mistress Workshop is designed to bring out the natural dominance of a woman, so she becomes the Mistress she always knew she was.

Playroom session are a combination of the clients requests and needs, plus the creative juices and talents of Miss Kim.

My London Mistress - Illustrious Domme career over the last 30 years.

1988 - Discovered the BDSM fetish scene in London.

1994 - Started my first fetish club - The Rubber Nipple Club (closed)

1996 - Started my second fetish club - Club RUB  (now only Annual Rubber Awards April 7th 2018)

2002 - Co-started Mistress Vanessa's Dungeon Party

2008 - Started my FREE Fetish Speed Dating

2010 - Started my Latex Workshop

2011 - Started my Mistress Workshop

2012 - Co-started my third event - Rubber Cult

2015 - Started my Wax Play Workshop

2016 - Started Miss Kim's Tea Parties (invitation only)

2016 - Started my Impact Play Workshop

2016 - Started my Hen Parties

2017 - Became a full time Pro Domme - Miss Kim Rub. My early days.

2017 - Started my Couples Training Holidays in Spain.

2017 - Promoted BDSM Workshop

2017 - Started fourth event - Mistress & Master Play Party

There is more in the pipeline for 2018, with a party at a Scottish Mansion and another huge London event. You'd better watch this space.

The biggest career change I have made for many years has been closing down Club RUB and becoming a London Mistress - Illustrious Domme.

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Miss Kim x



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