London Chastity Key Holder

As a London chastity key holder I'm in control.

However, as a London chastity key holder, I'm very particular about who I take on as a client in this role, and where I keep the keys!

Wearing a bunch of padlock keys around my neck is not a look I go for, as a key holder. I prefer them on leather laces hanging in my play room, clearly labeled.

London Chastity Key Holder

Keys I have in abundance, as London chastity key holder.

Devotion to me comes high on my list, for taking these types of clients on. Also for a variety of other reasons. It shows how much I control their mind, body and spirit - and their erections/ejaculations too! It's very rewarding and exciting to feel so much in control over a sub/slave's sexual pleasure. Focusing a submissives attention, and being treated as the jailor. I am in charge of your dick and I prefer to keep it - 'All Access Denied'.

Some guys do not know when to leave it alone. Punishment comes to mind for over use. Any misdemeanour comes with additional days of 'lock down'. I particularly love the Red Chili range, which are incidentally made in the next town to my house in Spain.

London Chastity Key Holder

It's an act of trust that I do not take lightly. Once the key has been placed into the palm of my hand as the  key holder: it becomes mine, and creates a more docile and attentive recipient.

Many questions come to mind when preparing to be a London chastity key holder. What device? Type of lock? Will it come off for bathing? Emergencies? How long? Why? The list goes on and on.

More questions: How often will the sub need to visit me? Will there be relief? A session with relief? Or just relief? Cost of key holding? Cost including a monthly/weekly session? No relief!?

The answers will come through negotiation. However, to get an idea of the cost per week for just holding the key - £20. £30 for two weeks and £50 a calendar month. This comes with daily contact, as I will need to see it in place.

Interestingly as a form of imprisonment, it will over time, heighten his libido and sensitivity. Giving him more of a desire to serve and satisfy me his Mistress with complete, and not depleted, devotion. Services.

London Chastity Key Holder

It's vitally important that all chastity devises fit the wearer. Myself, and other mistresses, do not have a device that you can leave wearing. I have devises for in-session wear only. Therefore, you need to own your own. Chastity devises are not 'one size fits all'. Through discussion with myself, we can come to the correct solution. It might be metal, it may be plastic or silicon.

Piercings strategically placed can also act as a chastity device. By placing a ring-style piercing that extends along the underside of the glans from the urethral opening to where the glans meets the shaft of the penis, this is called a Prince Albert. Then with a guiche piercing, in the perineum, which is the stretch of skin between the scrotum and the anus. It's an erogenous zone, so that the jewellery can be attached and manipulated. Thus applying pressure to the skin around it (once the piercings have healed) can also be sexually stimulating for the wearer. I know professional domme piercers or we can visit a piercing shop if this is something you would like.


London chastity key holder is never undertaken without extensive discussions.

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