London Rubber Specialist Mistress

As a London Rubber Specialist Mistress I have an extensive collection

Importantly, are you a latex fetishist? Because with rubber all the senses are aroused…smell, sound and the touch. The feel of latex are such a turn on. I am a rubberist! Being a London rubber specialist mistress, I feel it's not just about wearing a latex outfit during session, it's about having the equipment, tools and skills to ensure the most unique and individually tailored journey into rubbertopia. Book a session today by calling on: +44.7729 003220

Currently thinking about what to buy next from Libidex because they have an excellent range and I do need more in the XXL size options. Some of my boys and 'cuddly' size and need a rubber hug.

Libidex have supplied quite a few of my London rubber specialist mistress items; hoods, straight jacket, a large and XL 'Bound' sleep sack. Their prices are amazing and quality is top notch.

London Rubber Specialist Mistress

London Rubber Specialist Mistress I have worked with Libidex for years

Twenty years ago was when my close associated started with Libidex. I was running Club RUB and started the Annual Rubber Awards. Simon the owner and designer, has always been a great supporter of my events, working closely with me on Rubber Cult projects also.

London Rubber Specialist Mistress

Read my London rubber specialist mistress Blog about attending their bi-annual SALE. Over the years I've purchased catsuits, dresses, hoods, corsets, stockings, bolero, pants and bondage items. The next sale is just prior to Halloween. The prices are the cheapest EVER! Subscribe by visiting their site.


Inflatable sarcophagus!

Body bag - inflatable

Libidex straight jacket

London Rubber Specialist Mistress

Libidex sleep sac (back entry zip)

Second sleep sac (front entry zip)

London Rubber Specialist Mistress

Various hoods

Rubber sheets

Rubber bandage

Vet wrap

Hand made rubber items invented by myself London rubber specialist mistress, for BDSM

Pants with rear insertion

Pants with sheath

Pants with rear insertion and sheath

Toe socks in size 7/8

Catsuit in small/medium

Catsuit in medium/large

Rubber gags

Rubber restraints

All that and me in rubber too!

London Rubber Specialist Mistress
                      Libidex Catsuit

This love affair with rubber started 30 years ago when I borrowed a Murray and Vern dress to wear at Club Submission.

London Rubber Specialist Mistress

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Important: the only way to book an appointment or to ask questions is to call Miss Kim by calling on: +44.7729 003220

Miss Kim x

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