Queen Bee Society Worldwide

Queen Bee Society drinks is a free London event usually on a Friday

If anyone from anywhere in the worlds would like to start their own 'chapter' of the Queen Bee Society drinks, I would be more than happy to advise and endorse the using of the name.

It was started by myself Miss Kim to bring strong powerful woman together from all walks of life. It's mostly frequented by UK and visiting dommes.

Queen Bee Society Worldwide
Queen Bee Society Worldwide

Again, I can supply the artwork for the gold plastic cards, supply the details for the purchase of the tiny little queen bee charms, to give to everyone. Plus all the other gorgeous charms that I give away at each event.

If feel it's really important that it's organised by a woman that is happy for it to be 'all inclusive'. No women should be left out. It should also be strictly ladies only. No men.

Start your Queen Bee Society worldwide drinks, in your city.

Queen Bee Society drinks is gathering for strong, powerful ladies. It's an opportunity to meet up with other dominants, queen bees, goddesses, entrepreneurs, leaders and get to know each other better.

I'm happy to supply a list of suggestions on how to get it started. From inviting ladies on social media, to setting up an event one Fetlife and advertising it in the various groups. We meet in a quiet 'public bar' in Shoreditch London EC1V 9LL, in the Jailhouse Bar. It has a huge lounge area and great cocktails.

Named the Queen Bee Society because you are one!

I would just like a mention for myself and to say it started in London in any Blog that is written.

Important: make sure there is a ladies group shot for all your social media at each event.

Queen Bee Society New Year Drinks
Queen Bee Society Worldwide

We meet to enjoy each others company, network, get, dressed up, have a drink and feel the powerful energy in the room three or four times a year. Spring and autumn are the best months. Maybe Christmas too!

Please DO ask for the Queen Bee Society details as I would love to see these drinks events start all over the world.

Full time TS welcome. No men inc. TV's. DON’T bring your slave(s).

(Dedicated to the memory of Mistress Dometria)

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Important: the only way to book an appointment or to ask questions is to call Miss Kim by calling on: +44.7729 003220

Miss Kim x

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