Mistress Self Care

In these times of doubt, we're all looking for ways to help support each other.  Please practice Mistress self care!

That's why I’ve written this, so i can remind the gentlemen to offer a little financial help to a self employed dominatrix who cannot see clients at the moment. Make sure she has enough money to buy the food basics, no one should starve. 

Dear London mistress friends (no ALL mistresses!), do not do real-time session and put yourself, and others at risk, but think about offering Skype sessions, or as I'm doing, phone sessions too.

It's important that you have money, but good health, stopping the spread and being alive are more important. Remember we are all in this together. If you are struggling, there are plenty of mistresses who would be happy to talk if you, if you're worried...I am one of them. There are charities you can call too.

What we all need is a new routine. Your normal one will be up the spout! Grab a piece of piece of paper and a pen. Now write a new 'to do list', things you will do on a daily basis.  Also. it's just as important to write the things you won't do, like still in the quiet, look at social media, have the news on 24/7.

Mistress Self Care

It's important to practice Mistress self care by:

  1. Doing your make up every day, and putting a nice outfit on. This will brighten your mood. I'm logging my outfits on one of my Instagram pages. This makes me accountable and means I will do it.
  2. Now is the time to set up your OnlyFans page or similar. OK so you're thinking, so is everyone else! However, you have the time on your hands...do it. Or add content regularly if you have one.
  3. Try and get some exercise and fresh air, even if it's only the back garden or a YouTube yoga class indoors.
  4. Now is the time to cook, it's the cheapest way to eat. You have the time! Look for cheap recipes online.
  5. There are all those cupboards and draws they need a good tidy...plus you never know what you might find!
  6. Step up your social media and write some blogs. I did this one!
  7. Read fiction to take your mind off what's happening or learn more about your craft. There's plenty online to read.
  8. Music will brighten your day. Choose something uplifting. Create a playlist.
  9. Do those odd-jobs you have been meaning to do.
  10. Most importantly, reach out and be nice, tell someone you care, post helpful and positive stuff.

It's important to practice Mistress self care by switching off the news and only listening when you are ready.

  • Don't believe everything you read. Some of it is fake news. Stick to the proper news channels; BBC and Sky.
  • Remember, we are the lucky ones who don't work on the front line. We are not in the line of fire. Thank your lucky stars. Be grateful.
  • No one will starve or lose there homes over this. Really!
  • Ask for help if you are getting anxious or depressed.

Instead of yelling about how someone should fix this, or moaning about what your not earning, think of others less fortunate and reach out. 

Therefore, just to reiterate, I'm here for anyone that needs someone to talk to. My number is on here dear ladies. Do not spend time with anyone you don't need to. No sessions. No friends over. Keep away from neighbours. Cover your face at the supermarket check out, and wash your hands regularly. The streets and supermarkets are full of folks not social distancing or wear protective gear...don't be one of those idiots.

Self isolate is the best way to practice Mistress self care.

Mistress Self Care

Mistress Self Care

Moving forward we need to think about the future. It's better to live in the now with regard to your mental health, but you need to think about the future with regard to your finances. Never live hand-to-mouth. Have a nest egg for times like now. 

Dear gentlemen, this all applies to you as well. Stay safe. Stay home.

Therefore, useful are: Gov, to see the latest government policy and advice.

NHS, to see the latest UK-specific health advice

Full Fact, to make sure the information you're seeing online is accurate.

Mind, to get advice on how to manage any stress or anxiety that you may be feeling right now

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