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The decision to not see anyone during the second wave of the pandemic, is because I have been in the eye of the storm and experienced it first hand. My neighbour died. I will be a safe east London mistress this time round.

My year started pretty well, with great intentions to be productive and positive. Easy I thought as I am already that person. However, when I woke up…

Day 1 - Jan 5th

7.30am  I could hear my neighbour Alan who lived below me, struggling to breath and sounded delirious. He had not told me he was sick, or if his girlfriend was with him or if there was anyone looking out for him. 

9am: I threw my clothes on and went and got a Covid test, as I felt it was a little to close for comfort. 

It was the sensible thing to do in order to stay a Safe East London Mistress 

9.05am: Asked the  two guys, who were just moving into Alan’s pop-up shop, if they has seen him. They said not since Saturday when they picked up the keys. But said he didn’t look well. 

10am: Walked to Hackney Marshes and had the test.

11am: Returned home and he sounded no better. It was a very disturbing noise and so loud.

11am to 12pm An hour calling both the NHS, who said they couldn’t help unless I was with him. They suggested I call the police to do a welfare check. I spoke to them and they said they would send an ambulance.

1.30pm My neighbour went silent. This is when he died.

1.35pm: I ran down to the pop-up shop, and asked the two guys who were setting their shop up if they had seen him, as I could no longer hear him. They agreed he’d gone silent.

5pm: An ambulance driver called me. I told him about the previous breathing and delirium and now subsequent silence. He came within half an hour. 

5pm: I later found out his sister had done a police welfare-check also.

5.30: The paramedic entered the flat.

5.45: I was sitting on my stairs when he came out told me he was dead. Shock. Sadness. Disbelief.

6pm: Police arrived to do their thing. All in PPE. 

6.45 His girlfriend is screaming through my letterbox and ringing my bell. As she could hear the police in the hall way.

7pm: I went outside in warm clothes, gloves and a mask to talk to her. She couldn’t come in as she may have had Covid too. I couldn’t get close to her or hug her 🙁

Important to be a safe East London mistress

Safe Mistress

7.30 The police let the cat run off. Then locked the window.

7.30pm The black police van came to take the body away. I took her around the corner at this point. I signed the police statement and sent her home in a cab.

Day 2 - Jan 6th

Called my landlord.

Spoke to his sister.

Then his girlfriend called me.

I popped into the shop to tell them he’s died.

Then his girlfriend came over, she climbed onto the back roof and tried to catch the cat, who had been out all night in the bitter cold. She failed.

Spoke to my friends and family.

Spoke to his sister again who said she wanted an autopsy, and did not want them to right it of as Covid.

Told the girlfriend she MUST go and get a Covid test. There are walk-in centres all over London. Google it.

Day 3 - Jan 7th 

Made plans to catch the cat, once and for all, as the poor thing had been out for two days and nights.

Spoke to his sister and urged her to get permission from the coroner for me to go into is flat and open the window for the cat. This was granted. The cat came in. I want back inside, grabbed it. The girlfriend went off with the cat, who will now lives with her. Then secured the building.

Day 4 - Jan 8th

Got a text from the girlfriend at 9.30pm saying she was POSITIVE. 

Day 5 - Jan 9th

Went to a walk-in centre and got another test done. I’m waiting for the results. Wish me luck. Sunday Jan 10th - I got my test results - NEGATIVE.

Doing my bit to be a safe East London mistress 

Lucky for me as I have a wonderful Head Mistress friend, who was the first person I called to ask for advice during all of this. Teachers, the NHS staff and many others key workers are at the front line of all this playing out. Stop thinking about yourself and think of others. They have no choice but to do their job. We have a choice.

My neighbour texted me on Boxing Day to say he wouldn’t pop up for a Christmas drink as he wasn’t feeling well. Thankfully. We all think it won’t happen to us, that it’s just my best friend coming over. They are family. One client wont hurt! R.I.P. Alan.

R.I.P. Alan

My neighbour really didn’t think death would be the outcome of him feeling not well, which is why he wouldn't get help. His sister tried and his girlfriend too! Please think of others, not just yourself.

Desperate to see my old folks whom I have not seen for nearly a year. They had their Covid vaccination Friday. Fingers crossed.

In conclusion, I would like you all to consider all the details above before you call a mistress or take a client face-to-face booking. 

Please do all you can to stop the spread by making intelligent decisions.


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