Social Media Changes

Things are starting to get all-shook-up for ladies who work in the sex industry, in varying degrees, and there are lots of social media changes coming up.

Wonder what's going to happen to Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook this year 2021? There are there going to be massive social media changes. People LIKE US are and going to be restricted and possibly banned!

Lucky for me, I've been building a brand for many years now. If you couldn't see any of my Tweets or Instagram posts, you would automatically know where else you could find me.

In this blog I'm going to tell you about my presence on social media, which was something I started many, many years ago as I have been a fetish club promoter for 25 years. Of course, there was no social media back then, however, I cracked on with it as soon as it became a thing.

Social media has a history

Back in the day I was known as Kim Rub. As soon as I started my Mistress Workshop, nine years ago, I became known as Miss Kim. It seemed the most obvious thing in the world to become Miss Kim Rub, when I decided to become a prodomme. My history.

Twitter's future, for us ladies, is not looking good. I have started to modify my behaviour. I was never one for posting extreme, or overly sexualised content anyway. Never any images of myself scantily clad. Not many client-session pictures either. Never any use of profanities or vulgar chat. OK, I haven't had to change it much! Twitter guidelines.

Social media changes and is the one-stop-shop

All of my tweets now will point to my, which has ALL my social media on it. Which to be honest, is better for me, as you soon get an idea how big my brand is, and will ultimately always remember my name (maybe over and above anyone else).

Social Media Changes

Moving forward if I do loose my Twitter account, then it's not the end of the world. I have others, and maybe it's all about change and moving on anyway. You have to remember over the millennia we have communicated with each other in many ways. In our professional we get creative! Something new will come along and the boys will have to come and look for us!

Twenty years ago, in the pre-internet days, there were only tiny A5 magazines that you were listed in, or you maybe advertised in the back of Exchange and Mart, you would definatly have had some cards printed up, to go in the red telephone boxes around London.

phone cards

Time to calm down and not get your knickers in a twist ladies. If this form of communication is changing, deal with it...things change! Isn't this supposted to be the oldest profession in the world? Boys will find us!

There's lots of media changes, so change it up!

Time to diversify, AVN is a powerful tool and very user friendly. We ladies are birds-of-a-feather who like to flock together. Maybe Switter is the next big thing. It certianly takes a bit of navigating.

I've heard about a new platform called Vivleo. Added myself to the mailing list, so I can get the information about the launch. It's not a mistress, model or SW site, but the empasis will be on free speech for all, over many, many multi-media options, all under one roof. Sounds very exciting.

Fetlife has always been a firm favourite of mine, but for very different reasons to Twitter. I have nearly 7K friends and and nearly 3K followers. I find it's the perfect tool for events, and meaningful domme discussions in certain groups. Of course, I have my own groups that can be seen on my page. Join me in the Miss Kim Rub group?

Social media isn't just IG, Twitter and FB!

Therefore, I've never been one to put-all-my-eggs-in-one-basket. I use Facebook too. However, I find the engagement terrible. Plus it's really for my events and workshops. You can't use it for domme work. I've known a few ladies over the years loose their thriving FB page. As for personal use, I've come off FB. I will never use it again.

Instagram I love, as I'm a very visual person, and love photography. My four accounts are RubberCult, RubberKinkQueen, Miss.KimRub and my vanilla one KimClubRub. The vanilla one has recently had an ugly troll trying to get it taken down, by reporting this photo.

Actually, it's really hard to believe they would think this was a problem! Anyway, this IG account is now locked down, along with all the others. I have been right back to the very first post and sanitised ever photo (deleting many) and editing the words. Just in case the ugly troll strikes again.

ugly troll

My is all you need; just remember 'link', 'tree' and me!

Social Media Changes
Social Media Changes

Time to reaccess what you put on social media

In conclusion, I think it's time for us ladies to stop giving away so much content for free. Many of the short clips we use to sell content is long enough for some men to get gratification. We show a little too much 'personal detail' and leave nothing to view on content pay-to-view sites. in my opinion it's always better to try and see the bigger picture, the long-game, rather than the short term - "I need money, at any cost, NOW"! It's going to take more effort, it's not about the short term, but building a brand over the long term. My social media is over 160K (although this is set to change). What if the boys can only remember my name when the shit hits the fan, and we're all gone? Ha!

Check this Netflix documentary out. 

I wrote this on the 25th and then this YouTube film came out! I'm psychic. Ha ha ha!

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