Quality Pink Leather Cuffs

These quality pink leather cuffs were Liebe Seele Global who are a Japanese company that make handcrafted genuine leather bondage and fetish products in the finest quality materials, and are unspeakably beautiful.

Not only do they come in adorable pink but many other colours. They really are sort of toys a man should buy for his mistress, or his female submissive.

Christmas is coming up…take note folks these quality domme products are an idea gift for a girlfriend starting out or colleague that may not have a specific colour...like the pink for example.


My choice was a beautiful set; wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs from the Pink Dream Collection. Such a adorable cute shade of pink, with rose gold hard wear. I get a lot of sissies, as it is one of my specialities, so having pink to go with the many doll dresses I have, is essential.

Quality Pink Leather

The packaging is pure luxury and attention to detail is at the top of their list, just the sort of thing you would expect from a high-end company. I find Liebe Seele Global, very affordable. However, they have a very clean minimal design box, in the highest quality and very Japanese.


Generally speaking, it’s not overly feminine or masculine, which is great if you play with both genders. The rose gold hardware makes it just that little bit different and it’s super quality. Very gender neutral equipment.

Quality Pink Leather Cuffs

Also in their Pink Dream Collection they have corporal punishment implements for something more impactful. Collars and hog-tie. Plus blindfolds and ball gags for added sensory deprivation. Along with the blindfold and gag, I'm definitely thinking about getting the heart-shaped crop. Adorable.

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