Miss Kim’s Best Year

Miss Kim's best year ever - 2022. It's hard to believe that we started the year miserable and deep in Covid lockdown.

Miss Kim's best year ever - 2022. It's hard to believe that we started the year miserable and deep in Covid lockdown.

Anyway, January always fills me with such joy and excitement for the coming year. I always make plans, hopes and wishes. The word for 2022 was EDUCATE. Excited to chose the one.

Thank you to Charlotte Douleur for the main photo.

My best year ever...ever


Even thought we were still in Covid, I took all the necessary precautions and had Mistress Workshops, clients, photoshoots, filming days and saw friends. To this day I've not had Covid. Belated Christmas lunch with friends. Interview with Podopheleus website. House Domme in Sutton for Tim Woodward's monthly event Subs & Doms. Mistress Kitty Bliss came to mine for afternoon tea. Dinner with one of my os at the Blues Kitchen. Went to Skegness to see my old folks.


Dungeon parties carried on as usual. Went to the Leigh Bowery Exhibition. Pasta supper in Soho with one of my boys. Fetish comedy show at The Sanctum Hotel. Had a very successful T-Girls High Tease in my studio. Did another Podcast with Nicolas from Your Kinky Friends, which is listed on my Media Page. Went to meet a friend at the British Museum. Did a podcast with Tanya Tate.


Organised a Queen Bee Society Electrics Workshop in my play space, rather than an evening drinks event. I invited the people from ElectraStim to demonstrate. Invited Empress Suka for afternoon tea. First cocktails afternoon of the year. Restaurant Madam Pigg with Mr Brown. Day trip to Eastbourne to see Mistress Catriona. Finally got my first trip out of the country in 18 months, I went to Dublin to see Madam Valkyrie Veda. Fabulous shoot with BDSMMIA. Theatre to see Saturday Night Fever. Dinner at HAZ with one of my boys. Lunch with Mistress Tess. Busy with content filming days this month. One of my boys painted my hallway.


Went to Manchester for the weekend to Bitches Unleashed and Afternoon Tea at the Grand Pacific. Lunch with an old friend. First trip to Spain in 19 months, stayed with my sister and we did the Dali Triangle; Gala Museum, Museum in Figures then house he lived in on the coast at Cadaques. Then on to my house, 10 days in total. Had my mistress friends over for an afternoon tea party. My wonderful monthly Mistress Workshops started again. Valkyrie Veda came to stay at mine for a few days.

Mistress Raven
Mistress Raven

Miss Kim's Best year , especially May:

Went to Mistress Tess Gynarchy Governance weekend play event. Back again this year in June. Lunch with an old friend. Went to Amsterdam with my boy Mr B on the Eurostar, stayed on a houseboat and went to the Europerve party. Mistress Ai come over and we sat on my roof terrace in the sunshine. Went to Florida to the Florida Fetish Factory Memorial Day Weekend events. A dear friend wrote this about me.

Gynarchy Governance
Gynarchy Governance


Featured as House Mistress for my friend Tim Woodward, at his event in Sutton. Watched the fly past for the Queens 70th Jubilee. Went to Hasting to my friends home, as they had a themed Jubilee party - Alice In Wonderland. Trip to Skegness to see my old folks. Lots of workshops this month. Had my dearest mistress  friends over for Paris's birthday party. Went to Paris as I was the featured mistress at Reign des Dominas, Mistress Lunatika's event. Had my mistress friends over for an afternoon tea party to celebrate m birthday. Went to a gathering at Mistress Adreena Angels dungeon.

Miss Kim's Best Year could have stopped half way and still been epic!


Featured as House Mistress for my friend Tim Woodward, at his event in Sutton call Subs and Doms. Lunch in the sunshine on my roof  terrace with one of my boys. Two weeks at my beautiful house in Spain. Purchased an top-of-the-range electric bike. Lunch at Sea Containers hotel restaurant with my non-binary friend. Went to Shakespeares Globe Theatre to see the Tempest. Meze supper with dear old friends. My friend Mistress Inka wrote a fabulous song about me for her band Scorpio Leisure.


Lunch at the Seabird seafood restaurant with Julia. Another trip to Skegness to see my old folks. Latex Workshop with a great student. Roundhouse venue in Camden to see the Jean-Paul Gaultier show call FREAKS. Mistress Lunatika come to stay. Such a great time. We went to Club Sanctum and Abney Park Cemetery. Went to the Tower Bridge Experience. Featured as House Mistress for my friend Tim Woodward, at his event in Hackney Road. Elan Cafe for brunch with one of my boys.

Sissy Julia
Sissy Slut Julia


Thai food with Simon Drake. My Mistress Workshop this month was epic, with 13 ladies attending! Lovely lunch at BiBi in Shoreditch with sissy Julia. Queen Bee Society drinks took place at the Shoreditch Courthouse Hotel, Valkyrie came over for it and stayed over. Another trip to my house in Spain for two weeks. Mistress Vanessa came to stay for a couple of night. So nice to see her. Trip to Skegness to see my old folks.

Miss Kim's Best Year

My annual look back at the year - my monthly run down


Photo shoot with Miss Gold and Mr Cummings AKA The London Vagabond. Lunch with an old friend who lives in Muswell Hill. Second trip to Dublin this year. I love the place. Had the very first Queen Bee Society Dublin Chapter co-hosted with Mistress Scarlet and Valkyrie Veda. Took and old friend Alan to the Blues Kitchen for supper! Painted my lounge British Racing Green. Treated Madam Amour to Afternoon Tea. Brunch with Skully locally. Lunch at old friends in Muswell Hill.

Valkyrie Veda
Valkyrie Veda


Lunch at The Ivy in Covent Garden with sissy Julia.  Treated Countess Dionysus from NYC to Afternoon Tea. Brunch with Skully. Very busy with workshops this month! Mistress Imogen Embers came to stay and we went to the UK Fetish Awards for a night out. Ms Embers also did a Late Workshop and took me for a nine course meal at Pidgin in Dalston.  Trip to Skegness to see my old folks. Mistress Roo Morge came to stay as she wanted to attend the Christmas edition of the Queen Bee Society drinks at the Four Seasons 7 ⭐️ Hotel. Another photoshoot with Miss Gold.


A very silly Christmas film with my 'golden boy' for a bit of Christmas fun Started my Miss Kim Mass Advent films.  This was my 3rd year doing this. They can all be seen on my YouTube Christmas lunch at my dear friends who live local. Got sick on Dec 6th. In bed a week with flu, and had to cancel NYC and the very last dungeon party after 20 years. Had my dearest mistress friends over for a Christmas party. Got a cold that lasted for three weeks. 60th Birthday lunch party with my oldest friends. Afternoon Tea and Spa treat for Mistress Lorraine. Went to see Avatar film. Been going to friends in Greenwich for quite a few years now and joining in with their family. My sister arrived from Spain to stay a couple of nights. Recorded my first ever podcast...watch this space! NYE went to a small fetish event at No. 7 in Dalston.

In conclusion, do you think this was Miss Kim's best year ever?

I've probably missed loads of stuff out. I certainly have not listed clients, filming days or all workshops.

Here's to 2023…I hope it's as good as 2022. Blog about my plans for the year ahead coming soon!

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